Sony Launches MDR-NC7 Noise Canceling Headphones

27 February 2009 By Madhur


Sony MDR-NC7

Sony has launched the MDR-NC7 headphones which has a foldable design and are also equipped with noise canceling technology. The headphones can reduce the unwanted ambient noise by upto 90 percent. The stylish design and features makes it an ideal accessory to have while traveling.

The Sony noise canceling headphones have a battery life of approximately 50 hours and also comes with dual use capability. You get the option to listen music with or without the noise cancellation feature. There is an on/off switch for noise canceling and the headphone can still be used even if the battery runs dry. The MDR-NC7 headphones weighs 134g (Including AAA battery) and work on a 30 – 20,000Hz range. A plug adapter is also provided to connect to stereo and dual jack of in-flight services.

The headphones are priced at Rs. 4,490 and will be available at all the Sony owned stores and authorized stores.

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