Samsung Unveils Blue Earth – Solar Powered Full Screen Touch Mobile

16 February 2009 By Madhur


Samsung Blue Earth

A lot of Eco Friendly mobile products are going to be released this year. Samsung is going to showcase a very innovative phone called Blue Earth in the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The handset is the first solar powered phone from Samsung and is completely made from recycled plastic called PCM and comes with integrated solar panels.

Despite being an Eco friendly phone, the phone looks gorgeous and is a full touch screen phone with the solar panels integrated in the back. It has a rounded pebble type design and will fit perfectly in the pocket. It has a simple screen setting for brightness, back-light duration and Bluetooth that has been set to energy efficient mode. It comes with a Pedometer that lets user count there steps and also calculates how much CO2 emissions have been saved by walking rather than taking the motor transport. Even the packing of the phone has been made from recycled paper.

The Eco friendly phone will be revealed at the upcoming mobile world congress where more details will be revealed.

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