Must Have Third Party Applications for your Jailbroken iPod Touch

28 February 2009 By Shashank

If you are already having a Jailbroken iPod Touch then here is a post you have always waited for, Must have third party applications that you should install just after Jailbreaking your iPod Touch, and If you still have not Jailbroken your iPod Touch then follow this simple tutorial for Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2G. Jailbreaking opens door to many awesome mods and apps for your iPod Touch that otherwise would not be possible in a normal iPod Touch. Currently Jailbreaking your iPod Touch is legal but Apple is trying to make it illegal.


There must be Cydia installed in your iPod Touch to install these applications. Cydia includes by default if you used the above tutorial.

Must Have iTouch Third Party Applications


WinterBoard for Themes– Warning: Requires a Reboot

The must have Application is first app that everyone installs just after Jailbreaking as it allows you to change themes on your iPod Touch, you can have XP, Vista, Windows 7 themes on your iPod Touch using this app. To download themes you have to go to Cydia and search for respective themes and after download apply these themes from WinterBoard.

MxTubeDownload Youtube videos

You can search and download Youtube videos using this application, I just downloaded two upcoming movie trailers of Push and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen using MxTube, the quality is awesome.

dTunesTorrent Downloader for iTouch/iPhone

Again a must have multi application that includes a web browser that doesn’t store history, a music, video player and option to download music, videos and files via torrents too. All in One must have app, available in Cydia.

OpenSSH – File Transfer

Transfer files to and from your iPod Touch, it works like any other FTP software. You will have to install WinSCP in  Windows to access your iPod Touch wirelessly. I found this simple tutorial on How to SSH into iPod Touch

SBSettings – Shortcut App

This application gives you shortcut to turn your Wi-Fi, SSH Access On/Off and other options like hiding your apps.

Docs – View and edit Docs

Docs is application that lets you read documents like MS Word, PDF docs, PowerPoint, text files on your iPod Touch. Docs is available in Installer, again this comes as default if you have used my tutorial for Jailbreaking iTouch, Go to Installer search for Docs. To transfer files use SSH.

Installous – Install IPA Files

With this Application you can install application files .ipa extension directly from your iPod Touch/iPhone. You can even download IPA files directly to your iTouch/Phone using Rapidshare and other sources.

Emulators – Play old arcade games

There are various emulators available for your iTouch/iPhone like gameboy4iphone, genesis4iphone, gpSPhone, snes available in Cydia, use search function, ZodTT resource must be added to Cydia if it doesn’t come preinstalled.

NES Emulator – again available through Cydia.


Which is your favorite third party application ?

All the above apps and many more are available for Jailbroken iPod Touch and iPhone, the open source community is great and if you like any application please donate  to application developers to help the app development.

Disclaimer: Use the above information at your own risk abiding by the laws of your country, We accept no responsibility whatsoever.

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sharat87 says:

Hey, nice list… I haven’t jailbroken my ipod touch as I wanted to confirm one thing before I do that. I dont have wifi in my place, so how can I install any apps after I jailbreak my ipod touch… any idea


admin says:

You can install apps via iTunes in your PC.

sharat87 says:

do you mean, I can install apps not authorized by apple through itunes after jailbreaking my ipod?

thanks for the response though 🙂

arvee says:

Hello, I just bought my Itouch and did the jailbreaking process. However, after the last step, I accidently restored a backup (not choosing restore, just prompted me). I repeated steps 5-7 and its working now.

Is my itouch still jailbroken? Please reply 🙂

Btw, sorry if i double posted this

arvee says:

I also have another question. I installed Winterboard, rebooted, then it didnt turn on. I repeated steps 5-7 again. Do I always have to do that when my itouch turns off? (not sleep, but actually off)

admin says:

use this untethered jailbreaking tutorial

if you don’t want to repeat the steps 5-7. After this you can freely reboot your iPod Touch like original and still have the jailbreak functionality.

gary says:


gary says:

@admin thx but thanx but u sure is this the real way ????

arvee says:

Thanks admin. I must’ve screwed up during this jb method (there was an option that said already jailbreak) custom firmware. I think i screwed up during the recovery mode, so I just did the hard restore (as it wouldnt restore to any firmware except the tethered one and the original) to the original, then just jailbroke to the untethered one.

Thanks for this tutorial!

abduladi says:

hi admin. my problem is on how to install my applications that i downloaded using torents to my itouch. any time i try it tells me application can’t be verified. but i have an apple store account and my itunes is authorised already. pls help! my itouch is also jailbroeken usin quick pwn with the latest firmware.

iPod Touch must have apps says:

nice list… all the great apps

You will need to install the mipatch from cydia to solve the cudn’t be verified error.

abduladi says:

thnx alot bro! its working perfectly 🙂

abduladi says:

thnx a lot. it worked perfectly for me. 😀

abduladi says:

@admin is it possible to transfer purchase of apps on a different itouch bought with a diffent account that isn’t mine? pls help

babypiggy says:

i just jailbroke my ipod touch using the teathered method.
When I turn my ipod touch off,and try to turn it on again it won’t turn on again. IS this normal? I read somewhere else that after jail breaking it should be able to turn off and on normally.

right now i have to do steps 5-7 to start up my ipod touch if i turn it on..

please help


Techguy says:

@ Babypiggy

Hey, Yes that is normal for the Tethered method, if you would like to be able to turn it on and off normaly use the untethered method (link below)

babypiggy says:

o THANKS!!!!!!!
i did the unteathered method and it works perfectly..

turning it on and off like normal
WITHOUT hooking it up to the computer and doing step 5-7!

thank you very much!
😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

badguy says:

someone help plss.. I downloaded apps using installous but they wont open… how can that be fixed .. am using the i2t gen itouch

Hez says:

hey.. i cant find ‘mipatch’ on Cydia through my ipOd.. can anyone give me any suggestion? please help..

abduladi says:

@Hez u hv to add the hackulo source to ur cydia sources
open up cydia, then go to sources then edit and add. then add u won’t hv to add type the http cos its already there for u. hope this helps

hez says:

Thankss!! Hehe
It worked perfectly as i first buy free item from app store. & later try to sync the games i want..
Now, i can play need for speed! Thanks!

hez says:

Excuse me.. One more thing, is there any windows live messenger which is suitable for ipod touch gen 2? If yes, where i can download it? 🙂

abduladi says:

@hez: just look for beejiveIM and download. it works for many accounts

hez says:

ohh yess.. thanks again.. but, where i can download the latest version of beejive IM for free? i still couldnt located it.. can someone give me the url? thank you. .

hez says:

and i am so sorry if i have too many question because i am new in ipod touch owner.. hehe 😀

abduladi says:

ok, seems i have all the answers to ur questions lol. so go to the i think its the 3rd link to d beejive that is good. just download as many as possible from all the was the one that is named as palingo instant messenger on itunes that worked for me. just try man and retain the one that works.gud luck

abduladi says:

also it would make alot of sense if u download all the apps from hackulo source thru cydia

hEx... says:

i have already jailbroken my itouch 2.2.1
all the apps i need to get started are on there; Installer and cydia. my questions are:
must my itouch be connected to my pc so i can dwnload 3rd party apps? if it does have to, how do i get started? ive tried pressing Cydia it will tell me “unable to load” (no internet connection)… whats the deal? it IS connected to my pc…

Mark says:

Hello, i did the winter board theme and itouch asked me to reboot i clicked on reboot and now it wont turn on in any way, i tried holding power and hold button, plugging it into outlet or computer but still wont turn on.

Shashank says:

you may also want to try Nimbuzz its a free messenger for iPod Touch with support for windows messenger, Yahoo, AIM and many more.


You will require a wireless internet connection for that to work directly on iPod Touch

See the untethered jailbreak post.

hezo/hez says:

thank you so much.. But, what i really want is the application for chatting which including transferring of picture to the other agencies. I have try im plus, but it only send the url & i cant receive any picture from my contact. Any suggestion anyone? =))

Lala says:

somebody can help me??

i was jailbroken my ipod touch 2G, with redsn0w 0.3, but just cydia emerge, nothing installer, should i to download the installer too?

and, i haven’t wifi at home, so, how can i put the apps and any games with my pc without wifi? can tell me about this? maybe to install software or what?


Kelvin says:

hey guys. I had just jailbroke my ipod touch. My ipod seems to have problem as it only show the apple sign when i boot up and remain intact. This is after when i remove an application via cydia and have error in it. is my ipod touch crashed??

Lee Dailly says:

Hi I’m looking for a little help. I’ve downloaded games from Installous and most of them work but a few (the sims and now Worms) start up and then go back to the springboard. I have rebooted my ipod and tried from different sources. Anyone know whats going on?


hez says:

hey guys.. what’s unknown error 13001 and 13010 means? actually, my music cannot be synced. & everytime i try to sync, this message always pop out.. pleasee help..

Jeremiah Data says:

download the software Iphone tunnel suite… you can get it in rapidshare…. hehehe… i hope this helps…

Jeremiah Data says:

does anyone know why the apps i download into my ipod touch wont show in the menu????

abduladi says:

try restarting the ipod.

trundley says:

ERM there is a method where you can go to appulo and download cracked IPA (apps) and import through itunes. Although i would like to give a guide you need wifi in the first place to get the things from cydia to allow you to open SSH your ipod. ERM try a local libary or summit, or hotels they normally have free wifi

trundley says:

LEE DAILY your problem is that those apps are “self-aware” chekc out for more information

joe says:

can you put normal apps on a jailbroken itouch

Umang says:

hey, i just bought the ipod touch 3g 8 gig and updated it to 3.1.1 (NOT JAILBROKEN) and all the 3rd party apps won’t start! i wanna jailbreak it though… how should i do it?
please help!

sdfa says:

blackra1n just came out today for the 3g itouch

Stephen says:

Just my confirmation. The new jailbreak does work for the MC model iPod Touch 8 gb. I have just done it and I am very excited now to have this.

Sam says:

Hey Guys

Fring is also an awsome app, brings all your IM/VOIP contact list into one. ie.Skype, messenger, facebook.

Also, a torrent file with these app would be very useful!

Someone should create the torrent file and post the link up.

technology is exiting!

Ashok Shrestha says:

Hi i have jailbroken my ipod touch through your help, but i don’t have wi-Fi in my location so how do i install applications to my ipod touch. Via iTunes i only can install free and limited applications. plz help me out…. thanks in advance……

Ashok Shrestha says:

Can u plz tell me the way how to install apps to ipod touch without using iTunes. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hezz says:

get some 3rd party applications from the
then, research for winscp and download it. also find how to use it.. its for you to transfer file from pc via wi-fi. btw, its a bit complicated here. like where to put the files. so, read the tips!
then use installous provided after jailbreaking your ipod touch or iphone to install the applications.
sorry for my bad english.. =)

mylexsis says:

hey,will i be able to use the apps i’ve already installed,and everything else,like normal,after i’ve jailbroken it? ❓

Hezz says:

Off course you can.. The only thing you need is to sync back at the itunes after jailbreaking.. & the good things after jailbreaking, you can install any 3rd parties games which is free and full version into the ipod.. These are only the difference between jailbreak ipod and non-jailbreak ipod.. =)

Sanjeev says:

All the applications I installed are through cydia. Do they sync with itunes and will they be saved in my computer’s itunes folder?Can I later use them,if somehow my ipod got screwed and I restored it??

Yumi says:

I have a quistion please awnser it !!
I Jailbreaked My Ipod touch 3g 8gb and it worked!
But all the original applications from the original app store all dont really work! And with that I mean, It runs for like 1 second and than close again. Doesnt matter which applications that I downloaded from the app store, It all acts the same. But the stuff like Mail,Settings,Music and that stuff does work?

So everytime I restore the Jailbreak all my downloaded applications wont open up like it supose too.
How can I have a Jailbroken Ipod touch, But still be able to run Applications from the app. store ?

Please help me!
My mailaddress is

Tom says:

Is there a program like winscp for a Mac user. I use AppCake for all my apps however anything over like 25 mbs requires you to download the file using ur computer.

Shashank says:

Cyberduck might help

PS: i haven’t tried it.

Katsuro says:

Hey can someone give me some sources to be bijive or any program that allows chat rooms and uses msn aol and yahoo msgr
pls help thanks ^_^

Katsuro says:

Hey can u tell me some sources to get bijive or any chating program that allows chat rooms and can use msn aol
yahoo Msgr please help thanks ^.^

gantosh says:

i hv bought iphone 3gs 3.1.3 last month bt till today i hv not found the way how to unlock it. can you please help me out.

Farcry says:

Something you should get from cydia would be dtunes and free flix this will let you download and watch movies for free

Jay says:

Gantosh, reply back and i can teach you how, i guess u could say ima pro at it? Idk but ive done it literally five or six times and i can definently do it to yours..

Daz says:

I just performed a tethered JB on my 3rd Gen 4.2.1, using Redsn0w and the accomanying Firmware. I have installed Cydia, and Installous, but im trying to DL a large navigation file (381mb) my DL keeps cutting off about 100mb into the DL (it DL’s small ipa’s fine). Is there such a way that i can DL ipa’s on my windows PC, then put them straight onto my device? if so, how? (bearing in mind its a tethered JB, so no reboot is possible)

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