How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G in Windows XP/ Vista Master Tutorial

8 February 2009 By Shashank

IMG_0001 As I previously mentioned about the Redsn0w Jailbreak which was released by the iPhone Dev team, the only thing that was keeping me away from trying this Jailbreak on my 5 days old iPod Touch 2G was that this was a tethered Jailbreak release, means that it is not going to be as easy as the previous Jailbreak being made available for iPhone. But now I have fully Jailbreaked my iPod Touch 2G for 3rd party goodness like themes, apps and this was very very easy than I previously thought about it, I used Windows XP SP3. To Jailbreak your iPod Touch you will need to have a GUI tool named Cyw00d   Jailbreak Helper V1.7, this is a tool that has made Jailbreaking of iPod Touch 2G a cakewalk even for newbies. So if you want to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G here are the steps you would need to take:

img: Vista Maximus theme I installed after jailbreaking using Winterboard( Requires Reboot)

First Pre-requisites for Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2G Windows XP:

1) Make sure you have upgraded to latest firmware 2.2.1 for iPod Touch 2G

2) If you are using Cyw00d Jailbreak method than the only thing you would require is a Apple Device Software Update ipsw file of firmware 2.2.1. How to get this file? easy if you have recently updated your iPod Touch then it must be present at this location

C:\DocumentsandSettings\”Computeruser”\ApplicationData\Applecomputer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

File name is iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore, size 277MB , if its not there then you can download Apple iPod Touch 2G firmware from here, I would recommend to download via iTunes using updates.

3) Download Cyw00d jailbreak helper version 1.7, extract it to a Folder named iPod Touch. Download from Rapidshare, this is a stable release. Forum thread

4) Copy the IPSW file to the iPod Touch folder where you extracted the Jailbreaker, see image

ipod touch folder

4) LibUSB included in the program

5) C++ redistributable included in the program

6) Includes Cydia and Installer

7) Redsn0w included not visible

This Jailbreak  method is for 32 bit OS users only

Starting the Jailbreak Process Step by Step :

STEP 1 :

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 1

As this is a GUI based Jailbreaker, the steps are self explanatory, first  you need to install the libUSB drivers and then C++ redistributable package that will help the program, Warning: Microsoft Vista users need to run libUSB in Windows XP compatibility mode, for this find and right click on libUSB executable( present in the install folder where you extracted Jailbreaker), click on Properties then compatibility mode and set it to Windows XP.

STEP 2 :

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 2

In step two we’ll create patched firmware/Custom firmware from this iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore file, this will be saved as JailbrokenIPSW, Click iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore and further click on Start making IPSW, you will not see JailbrokenIPSW.ipsw in this step( i created screenshots later)

STEP 3 : also see same image of step 5

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 3

DFU MODE : in order to install the jailbroken IPSW file back to the iPod touch we will need to enter in the DFU MODE or Service mode, for this Hold Down Power and Home Button for ten seconds( hear dding sound) leave Power and keep holding the Home Button for 8 more seconds( dding sound) and leave it, don’t freak out its simple. In my case i heard dding sounds around 10th and 17th seconds, and even if you don’t get it right for the first time try again.

After this click Upload DFU File

Disconnect your iPod Touch, and reconnect after 3 seconds, a white screen means success. Now click on Upload own patch bin button

STEP 4 :

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 4

Click on Press me , right click and paste in the command prompt, wait for a while

Open iTunes, now it must be asking you for a restore, Hold on the shift button on your computer and click restore on iTunes, navigate to folder “iPod Touch” and select JailbrokenIPSW, now iTunes will restore our newly made custom patched firmware, this might take a couple of minutes.


Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 5

Repeat Step 3, DFU mode Power&Home for 10s leave power-> keep pressing Home for 8 more seconds( hear dding sounds) and leave  -> upload DFU file -> disconnect – 3 seconds-reconnect -> white screen -> upload own patch


Easiest step

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 6

Click on Press Me -> Command prompt pops up -> Right click and paste.


Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G step 7

Press 1st button Upload Patched DFU -> press second button command prompt will pop up -> Press go -> Enter and then /exit -> Enter, same with 3rd and 4th button, your otherwise dead iPod Touch should spring to life showing the iTunes logo. Congratulation Jailbreak of iPod Touch is now complete.

Enjoy your Jailbroken iPod Touch.

If you need to restart your iPod Touch then you will have to follow steps 5 to 7, remember to disconnect and reconnect the device on every try.

Time required for Jailbreak:  10 minutes

Time required to restart and boot using DFU mode: 1 minute, if it seems to you that your iPod Touch is bricked, you need to follow steps 5 to 7. Unplug and Replug with every try.

Credits: Cyw00d for making wonderful GUI Jailbreak, iPhone Dev team for Redsn0w

Update: After you have Jailbreaked your iPod Touch 2G

List of must have third party apps for Jailbroken iPod Touch

Untethered Jailbreak Update:

Untethered Jailbreaking GUI software for iPod Touch 2G is now available for free download, I’ve written another tutorial for it, Untethered Jailbreak Tutorial for iPod Touch 2G.

Important Note:

Guys you no longer need to use this tethered tutorial, use this easy Untethered Jailbreak Tutorial for your iPod Touch 2G.

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Patrick says:

Hey Guys,

Thanks for this great tutorial, but it would be even greater, if it would work for me ^^

I’m stuck at this step where you restore your iPod Touch 2g with the jailbroken fimware.
At this point, my Ipod won’t restore and iTunes aborts the restoring with the error message “1601”, when I’m in DFU-mode.
In the “normal”-mode where you see the “connect to iTunes” – Symbol, I get error message “1604”.

Besides the screen of my iPod Touch 2g turns white, when I’m trying to restore and I hear the “usb unplugging sound”.

I am using Windows XP SP3.

I hope you guys can help me somehow ! 😥


Aadil says:

🙂 yeah rite…it’s great

Patrick says:

Thanks a lot ^^

Shashank says:

which version of the Jailbreak software are you using previous versions have bugs in it, Version 1.7 is bug free.
Try restoring to original 2.2.1 IPSW firmware file not the jailbroken one and start the jailbreak process again.

Patrick says:

when i click on properties of the “Cyw00d Jailbreak Helper” it says version 1.0.

The restoring doesn’t work because I always get the error message “1604” … it doesn’t even work in the DFU-Mode…the progress bar just stops and after 5 min it tells you that error message…it don’t really know what to do right now 😥

Shashank says:

Please download the V1.7 from the link given in the post. Which version of firmware you had on your iPod Touch.
Things you can try:
You can try restoring on a different computer unplug and replug usb with every try
Try uninstalling and reinstaling iTunes
i think a new computer and freshly installed itunes could definitely help you.

Patrick says:

Oh I used v.17 all the time ^^ …sry about that…my mind isn’t really clear cause of that…

i reinstalled itunes several times and tried replugging and all that…maybe it will work on another computer..i’ll try that and tell how it works…

Thank you alot for your help Shashank !

Patrick says:

Okay I’ve finally got it !
First i’ve put the ipod into dfu-mode, then uploaded the dfu-file from the Cyw00d Jailbreak Helper and then used irecovery and entered those commands:
mw 0x9000000 0xe59f3014
mw 0x9000004 0xe3a02a02
mw 0x9000008 0xe1c320b0
mw 0x900000c 0xe3e02000
mw 0x9000010 0xe2833c9d
mw 0x9000014 0xe58326c0
mw 0x9000018 0xeafffffe
mw 0x900001c 0x2200f300

after that i used itunes to restore the firmware BUT it has to be first build 2.1.1 (5F138).. that was the damn problem all the time…

Thanks any way !

Have a nice day !

Russell says:

Shift restore will only reset to default and not let me select the custom ipsw file, any ideas how to fix this?

ayechan says:

thank for your post ………….it very useful for me……really thank you 😀 😀 😀

Huda says:

The instructions damaged my vista drivers(that I couldn’t fix yet), but could Jailbreak my iPOD Touch 2G (2.2.1) in XP.

The timing for going to DFU mode is important. Longer/shorter duration presses resulted failure. Accurate timing brough success (esp. in Step 5)

Anyway, I’m happy that it worked

Shashank says:

Which OS are you using? you can also try ctrl+restore or shift+restore , it has worked for some people. And if you followed the tutorial right there shouldn’t be any problem.
you are welcome
Can you let me know how you managed to damage your Vista drivers. Vista USB drivers can be damaged if libUSB is made to run without compatibility mode i wrote clear instructions(warning in step 1) about that.
I am glad it worked for you 🙂

Steve says:

Everything worked great up until Step 4. When I pressed the button, a black command screen flashed and went away with no way for me to patch the commands in. I did manage to get my Ipod restored back to 2.2.1, but I wonder what went wrong. Got any ideas?

Shashank says:

Did you disconnect and reconnect the iPod Touch before step 4? Don’t worry just try again, read the instructions one more time and post back. Good Luck

Guys please mention the OS on which you are trying the jailbreak, i wrote this tutorial for Windows XP, and Vista users shouln’t try it unless they know what they are doing and should adhere to the warning in step 1.

Sil says:

i managed to get this running on a 2.2.1 ipod touch 2nd gen. i can see cydia and installer andn they work. but when i restarted the ipod it wont turn back on and windows keeps saying usb device not recognized. what can i do?

Jimmy says:

hi Shashank
first i want to ty for this great turtorial
but i have a problem with step 4, when i have to restore the jailbrokenipsw on itunes, it doesnt work. An erroe always pops up and says” The ipod”ipod” could not be restored.An unknown error occured (5).
idk what to do now??? what am i doing wrong, i did everythig from step 1-3 correctly so idk =]
help me please=]

sunyata says:

one tip for those trying to restore 2.2.1 5H11A firmware:

if you failed at jailbreaking and want to restore the original apple firmware, don’t go into DFU mode before restoring. simply start up itunes and do a SHIFT+Restore and select the iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore.ipsw file that you have downloaded onto your computer.

i wasted a lot of time trying to restore in DFU mode…lolz 😕

Shashank says:

You just have to boot the device by following steps 5 to 7.
As this is tethered jailbreak you need to follow the boot process every time if you want to restart your iPod Touch.
Installer and cydia should work after the restart.

Maybe there is a problem with your IPSW( currupted), start afresh by using a new IPSW firmware file and creating a new Jailbroken IPSW. good luck

i am sure your tip will help many people who want to restore to original firmware. Thanks

Jozo says:

According to the comments, it is not possible to brick your ipod forever with corrupted firmware? You can always put it back to original firmware and software? Or am I wrong?

Thanks anyway for the tutorial.

(Sorry my english is not correct)

CJ says:

PATRICK OR ANYONE ELSE WITH ISSUES! if your ipod touch gets black screen of death or ay of the 1600 errors g on youtube and watch my vdeo. search for x6kx3 on youtube and watch video there is an update in side bar and your ipod will be saved. alsothe last few instructions on tutorial are rather hard to understand. step 7 is alittle hard to get. if i was to jailbreak a friends ipod on my computer and give it back to him would the software still be there?

nosferatul says:

I have a problem. i tried to install jailbreak for ipod touch 2 G. i managed to do all the steps and after I reboot it. Now it doesn’t want to start, the screen remains black and my PC doesn’t recognize it (USB device not recognized). What should I do? plss i need helllpp 😐

Shashank says:

Ya you are right, you cannot brick your iPod, there always be a restore option and your iPod will be new as before.

You just need to follow steps 5 to 7 for rebooting, USB don’t recognized error will not show after rebooting and you have to follow these steps every time you wish to restart your iPod Touch.

dmac520 says:

Okay i got to step 4 and when it restored it said that the ipod was going back to factory settings and now my ipod won’t turn on. its still in DPU mode i guess or it bricked. when i plug it in the usb it doesn’t recognize the ipod. what can i do? i really want this thing jail broken

Jozo says:

Ok, then i will try it.

Jozo says:

Ohh Yeahh, it worked without any problem!
And here’s a program to boot your jailbroken itouch in 1 click!(worked for me):
Its the official download page of the maker.

dec says:


plug your connector in
open itunes
press and hold power button and home for 10
then let go of power
keep hold of home for 8 secs
should recognise it. it happened to me
its crap any way it dont turn on when you turn it off
you have to restore

dec says:

hey got an idea for free apps you can have one of mine
it has been signed not like the others
go to

drag to itunes and sync


dmac520 says:

okay i got it too work but i got a new question. i was fine connecting my ipod until now because i didn’t know that it was going to go into dpu mode when i turn it off (i’m about to install that thing jozo put) so when i got it back on itunes is saying that the ipod needs to go back to its factory settings. what do i do?

andy says:

how do i know if im in 32 bit or 64

Shashank says:

I am glad it worked for you 🙂

ignore itunes and just follow steps 5 to 7 to reboot your iPod Touch 2G, you have to do this every time after shut down or when restarting.

finding 32 bit or 64 bit info is easy.

Right click on My computer, in the general tab see the OS information if there is only Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version then you have 32 bit OS, if it is a 64 bit OS then it should be written as Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version.

Another method

If you are on Windows Xp, go to run, type winmsd.exe, in system summary locate processor and see the value corresponding to it, if its says x86 something then it is 32 bit otherwise there will be x64 something for 64 bit OS.
hope this helps 🙂

paulieweb says:

I have a problem.

Running Vista.
Step 3, I’m pretty sure it’s in DFU mode
(black screen, followed instructions).

But when I click “Upload DFU File”
it tries to run iRecovery.exe and immediately crashes
and pops up a window saying “iRecovery.exe has
stopped working”. Not really sure why, or how to
get it to not do that.

Thanks 🙂

francis says:

My ipod touch wont turn on and i`m trying to restore it but my pc wont recognise my ipod, please help.

Danny says:

I have a little problem…:D
I updated my iPod touch to 2.2.1 firmware and tried to jailbreak it.
Step 4- i waited to finish itunes the jailbroken firmware update and then i shoul start it in dfu mode.
But the only problem is that the iPod dowsn’t starts at all.
and it says to me that the USB not recognize.
Anticipated thanx for the help.

matty says:

PLZZZZ HELPPP!!!!!!!! i am on step 3. I can’t get the iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore. i get log.txt and and the jailbreak helper. PLZZZZZZZ HELPP ME!! thank you.

jimmy says:

I’m stuck on step 2 help ❗

Jakey says:

Same problem as “Francis” i think… i got to step 5 and after itunes restored the ipod, my ipod just stopped… screen is just black and when i connect it to my computer it says something like “the device won’t be recognized” (tried to translate from swedish) and when i clicked there a new window popped up where it said that i don’t have the right drivers… please =( can’t use my ipod..

Eric says:

I have a problem on step 3, I set the iPod to DFU Mode, Close iTunes when it asks me to recover. Then I click Upload DFU File. It uploads. I unplug for 3 seconds, plug back in, and the screen stays black. and iTunes comes up and asks me to recover. Its like nothing happens and it just stays the way it was. Any help getting my screen to go white would be appreciated! Thanks!

Eric says:

Windows XP SP3 btw. Sorry for not mentioning.

Shashank says:

You need to start from Step 3 again, if that doesn’t work restore to original firmware and try again, if possible try on XP.

your iPod Touch will not start automatically, you have to put it into DFU mode by following instructions in step 5 which is same as step three

@francis and Jakey
You have put in DFU mode Press Power&Home for 10s leave power-> keep pressing Home for 8 more seconds( hear dding sounds) and leave -> upload DFU file -> disconnect – 3 seconds-reconnect -> white screen -> upload own patch now follow with step 6

Plz read the tutorial again.
Couldn’t get you, step 2 has nothing actually.

You don’t have to close iTunes, just ignore it and let it remain open during the whole jailbreak process, I did it that way. Try again Good Luck

I think the comments almost have all the answers for most of the Jailbreaking problems.. please go through them, also reply if you get success.

Jakey says:

THANKS THANKS THANKS =D =D =D thought i did try that before but now it worked =D =D =D

Michiel says:

Hey, first of all what a nice tut. It worked but there is a downside :(. I’ve jailbroke my iPod touch and after installing an app (the tap to unlock app) I had to reboot it. But than it won’t go on anymore. I’ve restored it’s original firmware but the jailbreak was gone (duh). Is anyone else experiencing this?

Regards, Michiel

(Ps: I’m running and did it on vista)

Anthony says:

Hey guy how come when i download the Libusb file my computer does not detect my ipod? Im using windows vista and i ran the Cydw00d beefore i change the properites.. did i mess up ?

-Satan- says:

Hey Sashank

Bro Can ya add me at yim

My yim = __Satan_666_

i Got Some issues Regarding Jailbreaking this Shit

Andrew says:

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the detailed tutorial! Jailbreak is done successfully with my ipod touch 2G. I could see Cydia, installer, games and appls were available to install after imPatch installation but … when I turned off ipod completely (holding power button and slide red virtual switcher on a screen) … I can’t turn on it again! It should connect to PC, hold power and home buttons and wait when iTunes find IPOD, than press shift and open original firmware 2.2.1 to restore factory settings. Where is my mistake? Please help! Thanks Andrew.

Conor says:

Hi guys,

I was planning on jailbreaking my ipod touch 2g but I’m unsure on a few things.

1. Do all the files(apps,music,movies etc.) get deleted off your ipod when you jailbreak it?

2. Is it possible to sync all these files back on to the ipod after the jailbreaking process?

Regards, Conor

Shashank says:

You restored to original Apple firmware, ofcourse the jailbreak will be gone, Jailbreak again, next time your iPod won’t start repeat from step 5 by going in dfu mode.

yes you messed up, read the warning in step 1, you have to install libUSB in XP compatibility mode.

@Satan plz ask your questions here, it would help other people.

you don’t have to restore it, you just have to reboot it, just start from step 5.

1.) Yes, they get deleted because its a custom firmware restore.
2.) Yes its possible, Before jailbreaking sync all the iPod Touch apps, music, videos to iTunes and after jailbreak set it as new iPod Touch and Sync back.

Andrew says:

Everything is working fine! Thank you very much! Great! :))

Scott K says:

Hey guys! Everything was going great for me until I had to enter the command prompt. I couldn’t find it. Could someone please either tell me where to find it or just post it here EXACTLY as it appears (I really want to get this right). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

BTW, just wondering, is there something you can do if you’ve jailbroken your ipod, but your itunes won’t read it or let you restore it?

P.S. Please write my name at the top of your post if you answer me (just so I can know what to read).

becca says:

hi so everything has worked perfectly untill now. after follwing all the steps my ipod screen remains white. I’m not sure what the problem is. please help!!
itunes won’t even let me restore now, it says an unknown error has occurred. thanks!!!

Scott K says:

Hey everybody, I’m in semi-panic mode. I was at step 5 where you had to set the iPod to DFU for the second time after restoring it. It wouldn’t respond. I tried to get onto iTunes again and restore it the normal way, but iTunes won’t read it. I need help, please!

Scott K says:

Also, ^^^ I’d like to know what I did wrong and how to correct it. I reeeeally want this thing jailbroken.

Scott K says:

Can someone please answer my posts? I am desperate to figure what is wrong with my completely unresponsive iPod. My computer doesn’t even know it’s there at all. Please, Shashank, do you have an answer for me? I’m am desperate.

MS says:

Thanks for this great tut. It worked very well. 😀 😀

John says:

Hi Im stuck on step 3. I cant upload the DFU file and a black screen just blinks. If I unplug and plug my ipod no white screen appears. Help! 😐

Shashank says:


Just try from step 5, if you don’t get it right, try holding the home button a little longer like
start from DFU mode: Power&Home for 10s leave power-> keep pressing Home for 10 to 12 more seconds( hear dding sounds) and leave -> upload DFU file -> disconnect – 3 seconds-reconnect -> white screen -> upload own patch

why panic just keep trying. Also read all the comments 🙂

After screen turning white, just upload patch and follow with step 4, try again, ignore itunes, but let it remain open all the time.

Glad it worked for you 🙂

Black screen blinks, i never heard this problem before, could you plz elaborate and give more details

Lakki2 says:

this is 500000% working now i got Installer thank you thank you.

I did this JB with Tys JB without Installer but this one working good. thank again

Srtefano says:

Thanks for the tutorial, guys keep in mind that your pc will not see your iPod on step 5 so no ddsounds. Again timing is very important to enter DFU mode.


stonechild says:

Thank you for your muchly helpful tutorial on how to use Cywood’s GUI based cover for the manual method of jailbreaking. I’ve been thinking about jailbreaking my iPod Touch 2g for several weeks now. Adding your tutorial to the manual instructions at:
—-skipped misleading url——
and the video tutorial: This video tutorial is for Windows Vista Users
on, I finally decided to do it and now I have a jailbroken iPod Touch after a slight scare. I encountered the “usb device not recognized message”. Fortunately the comments to the tutorial had a solution.
This brings me to the request that you put a mention in the tutorial itself about this and other heart attack inducing messages that can be ignored. Just keep trying and it works. Maybe it’s there and I just didn’t get it.
All in all very good work.

Scott K says:

Shashank, it worked great, thanks. However, I don’t quite fully understand how to use cydia and installer. I thought that once I jailbroke this iPod I could get for free most of the apps apple was selling. How do I get those apps? I searched a popular application name in both cydia and installer and nothing came up. Apps are why I did this, any help? (also, how do I get bossprefs so I can get touch to unlock and other good stuff like that i.e. my name in the corner, etc.?) Thanks.

John says:

sorry um when i press upload dfu file a window pops up for a split second and dissapears and the screen doesnt turn white. i think it says no ipod/iphone found

Shashank says:

you are welcome
I was thinking of adding that instruction, now you have done that. Thanks
Great now enjoy your jailbroken iPod.
After jailbreaking some of the apps that you must install are WinterBoard, dtunes and many more, you can apply third party themes with winterboard, for more tutorials on iPod Touch there is this site
as you might have already guessed, i can’t talk about pirated apps dude. Good luck
you call it blinking 😯
I hope you are using windows XP.
after uploading the DFU file you have to disconnect and reconnect your iPod, read step 3 again. Good Luck

As i said before, the comments now have all the answers to almost all specific problems to iPod Touch 2G jailbreak in Windows, please go through them and post here if you get success, your views will definitely help others. If you still need help, I am still here to help you 🙂
Users installing Winterboard after jailbreaking will need a restart and after restart, your iPod touch will be kinda dead, then you have to start from step 5 for booting process.

Tari says:


To begin with, thank you for this tutorial. I haven’t tried the jailbreak yet because until I found this particular tutorial I didn’t think that my iPod Touch could be jailbroken with the firmware of 2.2.1 yet. I purchased my iPod on February 21, so I didn’t have to upgrade to the newest firmware. I did update my iTunes prior to purchasing, thanks to research done on the web and it made start up much simpler.

I do have a question that hasn’t been addressed as of yet in the comments: After jailbreaking, and if needing to restore (and thus do another jailbreak) will I be able to restore my previous jailbroken applications through syncing with iTunes or will I have to download and configure all of them again?

I’m interested in jailbreaking for the customization capabilities more than the applications, but will try those out as well. 😆

Thank you in advance,

John says:

oh this doesnt work on vista?

John says:

what do you do if your computer is 64 bit?

Draysen says:

Im stuck at the part when you click the iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore thing. idk what it means by “further make the (stuff)”

dray says:

Im trying to sync my itouch but it doesnt show up on the computer and on itunes and i cant restore it i gave up on like step 3 and yah WTF HELP

Zach says:

Okay so I successfully jailbroke my ipod and everything was working great, but about a day later it froze and the screen went completely black and it wouldn’t charge or reset or do anything, and my computer didn’t recognized it. So i put it into DFU mode and went through the jailbreak process again and the same thing happened… it worked for a few days but then blacked out. HELP PLEASE!!!

Nathan english says:

hi I ned help i get to step 2 and click on start making IPSW file and i come up with command and it cant load the file apperentaly for some reason Please HELPPPP !!!!

Tari says:

I jailbroke my iPod Touch and figured out how to find the regular applications while keeping the jailbreak. However, I am still wondering how I will keep the applications/themes I have downloaded through Cydia if I ever need to restore and re-jailbreak. Will I have to reinstall those?

Thank you in advance,

Shashank says:

This jailbreak can work with 32 bit Vista OS but not with 64 bit Vista and i suggest you , don’t even try it with 64 bit. 64 bit users are out of luck for now.

@Dray, Drayson
Just read the steps again and comments. Start all over again, from step 3 i think.

If you do a restart, you have to go with all the booting process from step 5 again. You are saying that it works for a few days, but how did the blackout?? happens, while playing any game or any specific app?

Start again with a new ipsw file.


You can sync the normal applications to iTunes which after restore and jailbreak, you can sync back to your iPod Touch.

And for the jailbroken application downloaded via cydia, you have to probably resinstall them again because you cannot sync them with iTunes.

and there might be a method to backup cydia apps by copying app files via ssh access but i have not tried it. You have to search for installation folder of cydia apps and after restore and jailbreaking put that folder again to the same location. Installing the apps again would be easier option anyway.

Sanjay says:

Hi Friends,
I did try to to jailbreak my iPod touch 2g 32gb as per above instructions, everything went fine and completed the step seven but when I started iTune, it asked to restore backuped playlist I did the same and restored backuped playlist, when iTune restarted the iPod, it gone to black screen of death, it never started again. Neighter even my laptop is not recognizing the device (OS: Windows Vista) nor it is turning power on. I did try many times by pressing power button (or holding it for few seconds) it is not turning on.
I am getting message “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows dones not recognize it.” please help me, I m scared.

Shashank says:


Start from Step 5 of this Jailbreaking tutorial for booting, if you have restored to original firmware then you have to start the Jailbreak process all over again.
and btw this question is already been answered read comments. Good Luck

And after jailbreak DO NOT restore anything, set your iPod Touch as new one and sync songs and applications.

Sanjay says:

None of batch file is working, bcoz USB driver is not recognizing the device, iPod is installed as a unknown device in device manager.
it in not turning on n getting the same message about device mallfunctioning. Please help how to make iPod install as USB device.

Sanjay says:

yeah, I tried twice/thrice now I m succeed. thanks a
lots for your quick response.
Just wanna know since I m new iPod user how can now installed third party application on my iPod. I have downloaded some good *.ipa application from net?

Shashank says:

You are lucky as i have just written this must have third party applications for your jailbroken iPod Touch

may be that could help you.


;D Dude, thanks 🙂
It works perfectly and everything is working.
Most of the things don’t even need a reboot so its all good.
And when it does, it takes minutes anyway 🙂
Thanks man, your ace ;D 😛 :mrgreen:

Sanjay says:

One issue I am facing after jailbreaking my iPod is that It doesn’t start if I reboot it (power off by holding power key for few seconds) and then I have to start the whole process from step 5 to 7. Can you please brief me why its happening? 😕

Sanjay says:

And friends please suggest me any free good video converter for iPod touch.

Luis says:

You dont understand the problem people (and me) are having. LISTEN to the people! We did the step 5 instructions. But USB doesnt recognize the ipod. It doesnt do the “beep” on 10 or 20 seconds…It cant boot or go in DFU, etc…IT DOESNT RECOGNIZE USB. So the ipod is bricked. no software can help if it cant access the ipod. Something in your (and all the other jailbreak youtube tutorials) is seriously WRONG. I know its not a hardware issue cause when i install itunes in a fresh/virgin PC (never ipod/itunes before) it recognizes OK, and itunes enter recovery state. I tried uninstalling itunes (fully/registry/etc) with no luck. You should TARGET this issue: WHY SOME CANT HAVE USB RECOGNIZED WHEN THE JAILBREAK FAILED EITHER IN STEP 3 OR 5 (NO WHITE SCREEN).
thank you.

Shashank says:

You are welcome dude 🙂

Here you go,
this iPod Touch converter is the simplest and best

I don’t think you used my tutorial, did you?
Step 5 will may or may not be having dding sounds so its okay. Your question is already answered, please go through the tutorial and comments, many people were having the same problem but they solved it by trying again. for eg look the @Sanjay comments just above yours

ulias says:

guys ! i everything went well untill itunes finished restoring to the unlocked version, then the ipod wont start anymore and i get an “unrecognized usb device” when i plug it in… any help? i got the 32gb ipod and its my sister. so ill be dead by tomrrw.

ulias says:

okey okey i red the posts sorry 😀

Keo says:

Thanks for the tutorial even if it took me a while to figure what i was doing. the step are so easy.

ulias says:

okey now i cant get thru step 4,i tell itunes to use the resore firmware i created and when it does the ipod wont start anymore, if i point it tot the firmware i downloaded from itunes it works, maybe if i download an older from the website u mentioned will it work ?

rabs says:

got it on the first try! It pays to be a Software QA 😀

Luis says:

Yes I read your tutorial several times and repeated it several times. Usng XP 32bit. Wonder, cause all the guys that said success run Vista? Every time go thru the first step 3 white screen OK. Trouble comes in step 5, in second time of DFU mode. After pressing home/off ipod stays in black screen and “usb device not recognized” pops up. From then on no way to recover ipod (always usb not giving access), even pressing the buttons/repeating, until I put it in a virgin (of itunes PC). Now I have a recovered ipod but when trying to sync it in my laptop again, usb ports gave conflict with itunes, blue screen and laptop crashed with no OS in the boot…:)
any suggestions?

jim says:

i cant get a ipsw file to pop up after i open itunes help please

jim says:

ok i restored the ipod with jailbroken ipsw it said it was succesful but now ipod is black i cant go onto last steps n itunes wont identify ipod PLZ HELP

rabs says:

how can i un-jailbreak? just hit restore? i can tolerate usb boot for a while.. but i guess i will return to the original fw if i get fed up or there’s a new fw from apple

jim says:

this is what happened i restored the ipod wif the jailbroken fw and then the ipod screen just went to black and i cant get it to dfu mode turn on or anything and the comp or itunes doesnt idenify it it comes up usb unknown device plz help me asap

M Anders says:

Hey man, ran into a problem trying to jailbreak my IPod Touch 2g 2.2.1. using this method. Of all the tutorials I looked at, this one seemed to be the easiest to follow. I was doing great having the correct result after each step through step 4. I selected the jailbroken ipsw file and waited till ITunes finished its process. I got the message saying “USB Device not Recognized” as expected. But when I went to step 5 and tried to again put my IPod in DFU mode, I did not get any response from it except the same message “USB Device not Recognized” I tried rebooting my PC. I tried restoring my PC to an earlier point (24 hrs. ago). I kept trying to push the power button and home button as before to get it to go into restore mode. I did all of these things to no avail. I read the ITunes help files, the online manual for my ITouch as well as several of the forums. I googled it to see if there was anything anywhere addressing this problem.

Is there anything you can suggest that would help me out of this situation? I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.

M. Anders

Shashank says:

Repeat from step 5

@M. Anders @ Luis and @Everyone having USB not recognized problem

Plz ignore iTunes and any usb errors just follow the tutorial. In step 5, after pressing and leaving the buttons, usb not recognized error, ignore it, upload dfu file, disconnect and reconnect, white screen, upload own patch p> step 6

To restore to original firmware, do shift+ restore without going to dfu mode. Read @sunyata comment.

Sanjay says:

@Shashank @Sunyata
As I mentioned in my previous comment that once you are done with jailbreak process, your iPod won’t be restart and then we have to go through the step 5 to 7.
If we restore with the original firmware (unbreak) will it be solve the power on/off (restart) problem?

Sanjay says:

Or any easy way to come over with this problem…?

Scott K says:

Shashank, It’s me again. I feel I have a pretty complex problem. I have had too much stress with this jailbreak (not your fault, just mine and my computer’s) and I really just want it back to normal. I’ve read rabs’ comments, but I have another problem. My computer won’t restore my computer because I have to unplug the internet to plug it in. That’s fine. I went to someone else’s computer and I tried to restore it but it turned off I now I hope I can get it running again. What do I need to do to restore it with someone else’s computer? Please help. Thanks.

Scott K says:

Shashank, you probably are annoyed with me because of all these comments, but I have yet another problem. I followed steps 5-7 and it was fine, but when the connect to iTunes logo showed up, I opened iTunes and it said to restore it because it was in recovery modes. With the connect to iTunes logo still up on the screen, I pressed restore, but it said it couldn’t because I wasn’t connected to the internet (as I said in my previous post). I took out the iPod and tried to rush it to another computer to restore it, but the screen went blank. I took it back and followed steps 5-7, but the same thing happened: Connect to iTunes.

Shashank, I need your help now more than ever. PLEASE, you are my ONLY hope, or else my iPod touch is finished. I’m dying to have it the way it was a month ago. I am d e s p e r a t e.

Light says:

Hello, So I had a successful Jailbreak on my 2g but I wanted to restore my touch back to original settings, but when I tried to restore it back to factory setting using iTunes the I got an error and now my ipod will not boot. Windows keeps saying my Usb device is malfunctioning when I plug my device in and when I force my ipod into DFU mode.iTunes will not recognize my touch so I have no restore option. Finally, I tried to restore it by using the Cyw00d again, however, it will not recognize my touch and when I follow the steps the screen refuses to turn white. Does anyone know what I can do? Should I just give up and say that it is bricked? Thank You

Chuck says:

i tried jailbreaking my ipod following all instructions as u placed them……and now my ipod wont turn on at all…… how do i fix this???

rabs says:


see steps 5-7


got the message 😀 BTW what’s that arabic comment at the bottom? it wont budge 🙂


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