Free Download: Video Converter for your iPod Touch and iPhone

14 February 2009 By Shashank

ipod touch video converter

iPodMe is a simple and lightweight iPod Touch and iPhone video converter developed by Noda that is easy on system resources, offers various profiles for converting videos and the quality of video conversion is good too. Best of all its a freeware software available for free download.


iPodMe Video Converter Features:

  • Lightweight: 4.10 Mb 
  • Exe file, No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • 6 video encoding profiles
  • Support for embedding .srt subtitles files during video conversion
  • Multiple core support
  • Batch conversion support

Download latest version V2.0 of Free iPod Touch and iPhone video converter .

Video Conversion time:

A 40 Mb .avi video file conversion took around 3 minutes. The quality of converted video was great when I played it on my iPod Touch 2G, ease of use, .srt embedding makes it a perfect video converter for average home user.

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