Nokia Presents New Bluetooth Headset BH-904 at CES 2009

13 January 2009 By Ankit Duseja

Nokia-Bluetooth-Headset-BH-904 Continuing the excitement of CES 2009, Nokia adds a new Bluetooth headset – BH 904. This headset is not the same as other available in the market. It has a very fast charging capability and the special feature is that it can connect to devices simultaneously. The headset is also equipped with enhanced background noise canceling technology which offers much better voice quality. Charging headsets was a huge problem before but as the technology is enhancing everyday, better batteries have incorporated in such small space. With this one you can keep jabbering till 5 hours with only a 15 minute recharge.

This is not the only feature which makes it stand out from others, the device can connect to two devices simultaneously means you can connect to your laptop and mobile device at the same time without the need to un-pairing it each time you need to switch between the devices.

The headset also features Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), single button for call and volume management. It has a comfortable U-hook device thus you can put it on either ear very comfortably.

This headset is currently shown as a prototype at the CES event and thus no information about its price or availability is yet known.  But its surely going to create a lot of noise in the headset market.

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