Nokia N97 Hands-on Videos at CES 2009

12 January 2009 By Ankit Duseja

Nokia n97 pic

This week at CES, lots of lucky people got a chance to view some of the amazing new upcoming gadgets. One of the star gadgets is the Nokia’s N97. We covered the device before with its complete specifications but finally a proto of Nokia N97 got in hands of people.

This phone or masterpiece is all set to create a mark in history of Nseries just exactly what the Nokia N95 did two years back. The phone is stuffed with lots of features, some really sensible software and geeky hardware combining it forms as an ultimate device as of today. But not to forget we are moving in a fast moving world. The importance which phone is getting now wont stay for a longer time as the upcoming technologies will make it lose its attractiveness. Still this phone is ready to be a benchmark in history of smart phones.

Here is a Cnet’s guy giving a First Look at the phone. He found one of the proto at CES 2009 and got his hands on N97 for the video:


Well there are many lucky people who actually sensed this phone at CES 2009 but one of the blogger made the Nokia representative itself to review the phone for him. Check out the Nokia guy demonstrating the phone at CES 2009:


The phone is expected to arrive in late Q1 of 2009 in Europe & Asia and then shortly thereafter US version will roll out. The phone is expected at 550 Euros which is nearly 35,500 INR or ~$743 USD. I know the phone is not cheap at all but still I am getting my hands ready to buy this masterpiece as soon as it launches.

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