Motorola Unveils MOTOSURF A3100 and MOTO W233 Mobile Phones

9 January 2009 By Madhur


Motosurf A3100

Motorola have announced two new mobile phones that are going to be present at CES 2009. The first one is the MOTO W233 Renew Eco friendly phone and the 3G touch tablet MOTOSURF A3100 phone. While the W233 is an Eco friendly phone, the A3100 offers a perfect balance between the social and professional life.

The A3100 is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 and the screen of the phone can be personalized according to your taste. You can have live weather report, news, feeds, email etc there. It has a 2.8 inch TFT display. Users can easily access the application by the tip of there finger or they can use the omni-directional trackball. It has a 3MP camera with autofocus and offers GSM and HSDPA connectivity. It has Wifi, GPS and A-GPS, Facebook integration and microSD card support for upto 32GB.


Moto W233

The W233 Renew is made from recycled substances and has a plastic housing built from recycled water bottles. It is a simple candy-bar phone and the world’s ‘first carbon neutral phone’. Even the box that it comes in is made from post consumer recycled paper. It offers around 9 hours of talk time and comes with Crystal Talk technology and messaging capabilities.

The W233 will be first available through T-Mobile US while the A3100 will become available in Asia and Latin America. Both phones are expected to come out in Q1 2009.

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