How to Fix No Gateway Reply Error

12 January 2009 By Shashank

No gateway Reply error 

No Gateway Reply is one of the troublesome network error that most smartphone users face while connecting to home network or any any other Wi-Fi  network. Here i will tell you some basic troubleshooting steps which you should take to fix the " No Gateway Reply" error.


What is No Gateway Reply Error ?


No Gateway Reply is generic network timeout error which occurs when the gateway Wi-Fi router in most cases fails to respond to mobile device request due to data mismatch( ip address or  WLAN server address in case you are shifting network). The device just fails to communicate with the gateway and after a few seconds later a screen showing No Gateway Reply is presented to you.

Troubleshooting No Gateway Reply Problem:

Mostly it is a one time problem in the start, once the device communicates with access point you will not face the problem. First of all check the Wi-Fi Network you are trying to communicate is a pubic one or secured one with WEP/WPA key.

Normal Scenario:

If its a secured network you would require its WEP or WPA security key( Its an authentication type), only then you can enter its network, if your WLAN is in public mode( which is not recommended) then just do the WLAN scan, it will detect the network and you are ready to go.

The problem "Web: No gateway":

For  some odd reason you are presented with this screen

No gateway Reply error

  1. Check if your access point is working fine and Internet is active
  2. Try connecting multiple times to your network, sometimes it just might be a temporary glitch.
  3. Delete the access point from your device and create a fresh access point- Try accessing Internet now if it works then fine else
  4. Delete all authentication from your Wi-Fi (use step 5 for login), Restart
  5. Create authentication again : Go to

User: admin

password: admin or password

these are by default but might change.


General Wi-Fi router security settings for your help:

SSID index: Value 1

SSID         : Type  anything mostly network name

Broadcast SSID : Yes

Authentication type: choose any i use WPA-PSK

Encryption : AES

Pre-shared key: Type your key, this is your Wi-Fi password, anyone having this key can access your internet via Wi-Fi, you will need to enter this key in your mobile device to authenticate yourself- one time only during the very first connection.

if there are any other setting which you don’t understand then just keep them default.


  • Make sure you restart the Wi-Fi router every time you change WEP/WPA key and make a fresh access point in your mobile device after deleting previous access point

Try connecting the device again, if your device still showing "No Gateway Reply" error then manually go to tools, settings, connection, access points, options, edit, options, advanced settings, ipv4 settings( e61i )

change ip address to 192.168.1.x ( choose x so that there is no conflict among the devices) choose x= 7,8,9 to be on the safe side

Default gateway:

if there is a option of Subnet mask set

Automatic detection works  best, try these steps as your last measure.

More things to try:

  • Update your mobile phone firmware
  • Update your Router firmware

No Gateway reply is a common error and can be found in any type of Wi-Fi devices some of the devices are Nokia E51, E61, E61i, E70, E90, N95, N78, N80, N82, N93, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

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change ip says:

Thanks for great tip. it helped me when I needed it.

Asif says:

Even after going through all the above detailed steps, my phone nokia E51 still pops up “no gateway reply”

N97 error says:

thanks for your help, i was able to fix the no gateway reply error on my new nokia N97 with this…

Claude says:

Also try turning off your phone, take out the battery for a couple of minutes and try again. It worked for me

Rini says:

I am tryin to do it with my new N97 but i still can’t please help me step by step..

Salman says:

How do I delete Access Points on my N79??? I can’t find anyway to do it over the internet and it’s really starting to frustrate me! :@

Ram says:

i am not able to fix this problem with my 5800 X-press music…. plz help

yasir says:

i have receive the error that occurs the error web no gateway reply so how to solve it

Berg says:

🙁 🙁 🙁 And they call them SMART Phones eh?

zizitop says:

thankyou v much, i too couldnt connect my n97, until i changed my ip adress the last digit to 9,i also did a reset on my phone and thanks to god its connecting now ,again many thanks, i was just about thinking of switching to an iphone when i noticed this issue with the n 97

???? says:

ok, so none of these details helped me 😕 . i have an N97 and i can see that other people with an N97 solved the propblem, so clearly i am leaving something out. can someone with an N97 please explain to me in detailed, step-by-step instructions how to solve this frustrating error?

many thanks 😀

Karthik says:

I have the same problem with my nokia 5800, I donno whats the problem with mine, when it is working with u people

sameera says:

plz help me i have e66 but hen i connect wifi to my home wireless then its connect easily but after searching web page its appear the error”no gateway reply”.plzz some one helpp me!!!!!plzzz. 😥 and in e 66 i have newwest firmware.plzz help me someone.

Nicky says:

Nokia did mess it up with the N97…

I get this error too.

I`ve tryed all stuff you can do. i changed the acces point properties (ip, dns… etc) restarting the phone after every change… and still nothing. why don`t anyone make a video tutorial?

please help!

Umuze Charles says:

Sir, I have gone through, without seeing any help on SendoX. Pls could you helpout with specific details on how to “Fix No Gate Reply” Thanks

sienna says:

hi i have an e75 and i always c that message appearing, bfore it used 2 work fine, although it connects fine but once i get into the web browser it says no webgate way reply 🙁

Arfan Baig says:

i m facing the same problem.
“web: no gateway reply” error in n97
plzzz can someone help.

i have seen some people have solved this problem. why don’t they make a step by step type of a thing for its solution.
thanks in anticipation…..

Idris mohammed says:

I haue getting no gate way reply but internet run easily.When i save or download i get problems

rashida aslam says:

no gate way reply most of the time nokia 5300 plz guide step by stepby mail

Thank You so much man….This problem was bugging me for soo long…and im glad its finally ove…thanks a ton…it worked form me when i changed the last part of the ip address to 9….

Rohfun says:

hello i use tp-link for bradband internet via lancard, use use 56mbps Tlwn321G for wifi, but when contect nokia x6 contect perfect, when browsing i get this massage No Gateway Reply Error
so some one now about this?
i find help i google if you now tell me
as posible as soon

r0cky says:

Use Bzeek ( it will turn ur laptop to wifi hotspot. I’m using it and there is no ‘no gateway reply’ error

Eshwer says:

I have the same problem with my E66, I reset my phone, but still cannot connect with wifi. (No Gateway Reply Error) will anybody help me. (i tried all your opinions).

waseem says:

My nokia E66 was working perfectly with wifi, but since I update the firmware 200.21 to 500. it doesn’t connect to my tp link TL-WR841N. I had tried everything but still “No gateway”.

adnan says:

Dear Friends,
I was facing same problem in my Nokia E75 but now issue is resolved so you need to make some settings.. Go to
Control Panel,Settings, Connection, Destinations, Internet, find new access point and access automatically, then, clink on edit, scroll down, wlan security mode & click on option, advance settings, click on IPv4 settings, change your ip address, eg;, default gateway can & subnet can also same.
then go back and restar your handset, and browse web…

Pray for me. take care

Rajat says:

Shashank.. Vats the use of writing this post..
You dnt even care to respond to the comments & mails.. This is really disgusting.. R u here just for money. ? Do u really want to help guys who need them.. ??
If you really want to help, come in front & please reply back..

Shashank says:

Hi Rajat
I do reply to all genuine comments, but sometimes it is just not possible to reply all comments and i didn’t received any email from you.

Update on No Gateway Reply Problem

Normally No Gateway Reply error can be fixed with a “Phone Restart” or by creating a fresh “Access Point”, the troubleshooting tips given above works well most of the time.

However the main problem is somewhere else, this problem occurs mostly in Nokia devices only, because of their poor programming, since i’ve moved on from E61i i’ve never ever faced similar connectivity problems and i’ve quite a few Wi-Fi devices. No wonder Nokia is going down.

Edward Asembo says:

Hello unable to sign in and when it does difficult in sign out

Khurram Toor says:

This worked for: (bladered > Newbie @

you have 2 options

1. change your router settings to WEP
2.settings,connection,wireless lan, options, advanced settings,yes, rts threshold change to 2346. (remember: keep automatic configuration disable)

The above = problem solved!



Rachel says:

May i know how to WLAN scan?

vel says:

i have using nokia n79 i have already using wifi in my home pc. just 2 days he will not working no gateway reply how will solve the problem

Azad says:

I was refresh my nokia n72 symbian phone after it no browerer work on it and its default browser desplay no web gatway . How to fix these problems so i will give you an advise never refresh your phone.

adnan shamas says:

hi.i am using the device n95 8GBin pakistan.WHEN i use the in inter as access point it work good.but then i us wi_fi or wlan.gave the options no gateway replay.i have done.all the matter like ip adress wep/wap key.advance setting .but the end show nogetway replay.what to me thanks.

Sunil says:

When i downloding any apps then come no gateway replay


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