“We need a Mac Netbook” – The Apple Fans

13 December 2008 By Ankit Duseja

apple-mac-netbook We talked about the recent price-cut in netbooks a day before. There we also pointed out that Apple is the only major producer left which is not producing a netbook yet. Though Apple revealed Macbook Air over an year ago which almost sense like an netbook from Apple but the Apple Fans are not ready to take it as “The Apple Netbook”.

These days the Apple Netbook is a hot topic over the net. Thus some thoughts stroke my head which I am sharing with you. Apple always aimed for the quality products but this time they need to do the the reverse while maintaining their brand.

When the Macs were launched, Steve Jobs main aim was for a cheaper computers but as the Apple team got the features requested by Steve Jobs but the only negative was they couldn’t make them cheaper. The Macs and the Macbooks are surely the beasts in the computer industry but you have to get your pocket undone to get these beasts.

Steve is very found of saying “A good computer can’t be made under $500” but once he also said that “iPod Screens are too small for the video”. And now everyone know the result of iPod Video. One of the hot selling cakes in market.

Mac is more popular in US and specially in education industry. Surely Macs are the best platform for education, so where is the problem? Well its not with the specs of Mac computer but its with its High Range price. not every student in US can afford a $500 Macbook or a <$1000 Air. Thus the need of a light Mac computer comes in existence making Mac netbook a needed one.

Apple has been renowned for launching the “NEW” in the market. A multi touch (i)Phone, Multi-touch Macs, Multi-touch track pads are the technologies that proves my previous statement. Apple was the first in the world to introduce them in the consumer market. So what do we expect the “New” in netbooks from Apple? A multi-touch netbook or netbook with 2Ghz processor? Most of the current Netbooks are powered by the Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor. Though it will be very tough to make a netbook with higher processor while maintaining the cost.

Concluding, this time Apple is in deep thoughts. Apple has been always launching the products with quality rather than making cheap products. But netbook demands the reverse. Apple will have to either compromise with the spec or with the price, but if they handle both they will do a miracle in the netbook industry.

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