TorrentZEN: Real Time BitTorrent Search Engine

3 December 2008 By Shashank

Torrent search engin-TorrentZenTorrentZEN is a new meta torrent search engine with a difference that it lets you search the BitTorrent websites in real time means you will get LIVE search results which eliminates the old crap cache results like in other meta search engines. They say their Live Torrent search engine provides search results from only 18 high quality torrent sites and it don’t search sites that contain very little content.


Features of the TorrentZEN Search Engine:

  • Real Time Live searching
  • No dead links
  • Separate results based on category like Audio, Video, Software
  • Filter Options
  • No annoying fleshy advertisements

TorrentZEN Real Time Torrent Search Engine

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Jason says:

Excellent find! I’ll add it to my StumbleUpon list for sure.

gloopy says:

have one that is even better , simply must see, cause it has it all like TorrentZEN but even more!! like their own torrent toolbar (5+ now i can search torrents directly from my browser) , search by categories and this crazy subtitles search that i can describe you MUST SEE!!!

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