Sony PSP 3000 is now Hackable using Datel Lite Blue Tool Service Mode Battery

22 December 2008 By Shashank

sony PSP 3000 Hack

The day we all have been waiting for, Sony PSP 3000 which was once considered to be hackproof is now hacked so that you can use your PSP 3000 for homebrew applications, you can use it for playing saved game image files which was the cause of concern for many. Until now users were confused whether to go for PSP 2000 or PSP 3000, as PSP 2000 was hackable, was old and the new Sony PSP-3000 comes with brighter screen and inbuilt mic but features apart, PSP 3000 also suffers from interlacing problems, to which Sony has refused any action by saying its a feature addition rather than a problem, i think it won’t bother you  much after it has been made hackable, imagine the cool apps, emulators which you can now use on your PSP 3000.

For those who haven’t still purchased the PSP and are confused between PSP 2000 and PSP 3000. Go for PSP-3000 as Datel Blue Tool battery is the answer for most of the gamers and it will be available later this month, expect its availability in India from 2009.

The Blue Tool is special smart battery which puts your PSP 3000 in service mode, thus you can downgrade to cracked firmware removing all limitations. Lite Blue Tool Service Mode Battery is priced at $30

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Abhi says:

ITS NOT HACKED….that battery doesnt work…
typical datel..

dakz says:

hey i have a psp 3000 5.0 version i cant use my psp i have a games in my mmc but my psp cant read it can u help me?


Fenix says:

DAKZ, if your psp 3000 is not cracked you cant play games from memory stick card, so as far as i know this new psp is not crackable yet. so you have to wait to that happens. in mean time buy some original game and play..

anand says:

even i am confused between psp lite and psp 3000 . can any one help me . aand i would lik to kno about psp3000 hacking and working of battery

lolypop says:

Psp fat rules no problems plays all … psp fat 4 life.

yoppi says:

apakah psp 3000 yang dibeli di amerika bisa di unlock?? klo bisa dimana saya bisa unlock??

ted says:

help me plz, im not psp user and idont understnd what is all about ,just a litle, but i want to buy psp, the problem is idont know,

what version is im going to buy?psp 2000 or psp 3000,?

psp 3000 can be play download torrent, iso game?

pls help me?pls

Sensei Fish says:

To all who are not psp users, here’s the gist. Out there in the world PSPs are divided to homebrew (custom firmware installed) and the original ones from Sony. For original Sony PSPs, you can only play games via buying their UMD (Universal Mini Disc if i am not wrong). UMDs however are not required for homebrew ones as you can play the games saved into your hacked memory stick. Both original and hacked PSPs have their pros and cons. Hacked ones got lots more functions and play without UMD, but at the cost of no warranty for such machines. The original ones you will have the general warranty for it but at the cost of buying the UMDs to play it. And there’s not much difference in PSP2000 and PSP3000. From what i know PSP 3000 is much lighter, color brighter (you can play under direct sunlight on the screen) and has a mic for it. I’m a psp2000 user, not much problems. Just bear in mind there are versions of your custom firmware. Take into account what games you want to play and seek if it works with that version of custom firmware. For one big question now is that i still can’t bring my psp to play Harvest Moon; Innocent life. Seems to black out everytime going into the game.

bala says:

😎 hi all,to put it in simple terms i would like to know if it is really worth buying a psp(3000) as i am into movies and music and a bit of games too .revert asap

rekha says:

I would like to buy a psp. but i m not sure which? PSP2300, PSP2600 OR PSP3000? please help me as the gadget should be penetrable so that i can download as many free games from internet (torrent) and play, cos original games cost a lot.

sameer says:

hey,does anyone know, how much does it costs now?

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