Simmtronics to Release Netbooks in India

10 December 2008 By Madhur


Simmtronics Netbook

We have talked about a lot of High End laptops and desktops recently while the netbook market has been pretty quiet. Simmtronics, a company known for memory modules, motherboards are going to release there netbook in India. So if you are planning to buy a netbook soon, here is new model to try out. Like other netbooks, it is small and compact and has a 10.2 inch screen.

It is powered by the Intel Atom N270 processor running at 1.6 GHz with 533 MHz AGTL. The new processor is extremely small and it allows users to surf the web, watch streaming videos, instant messengers, email etc. Using the enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology,power consumption is greatly reduced. It has low power sleep states that are optimized to reduce the performance state of the processor when it enters into a low power state. The battery performance is thus greatly improved and you won’t need to charge it again and again frequently.

Simmtronics are not focusing on Marketing and Promotion currently due to the ongoing recession. In the future, it plans to release a whole new range of netbooks in partnership with Intel. The netbook is available in three colors – red, black and white at a price of Rs 21,999 plus taxes with one year warranty.

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