Silicon Power unveils eSATA/USB SSD flash drive

6 December 2008 By Madhur


USB Drive

USB Drives with amazing features and capacity are bring introduced everyday. Silicon Power has launched the eSATA/USB SSD flash drive. It is not a normal USB drive. It is a high capacity SSD drive that has external Serial ATA and mini USB dual interface. The company is claiming that it has 8 times the write speed of normal USB.

The eSATA connection offers a read speed of 92MB/sec and a write of 48 MB/sec. It even supports hot plug and play and four channel high powered technology. The eSATA connector can provide the data transfer speed of 3 GB/sec which is even greater than that of USB 2.0 . It is very convenient for copying large volume of data in short amount of time. The mini USB interface offers a read speed of 33 MB/sec and write speed of 25 MB/sec. Most of the new Desktops and laptops now contain the eSATA interface.

The drive is available in 8GB/16GB/32 GB capacity. It is compatible with Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Linux. It comes with 2 years warranty. The price is not yet announced.

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