LG Shows a 3G Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

30 December 2008 By Madhur



LG Electronics are not known to be much innovative when it comes to mobile phones but that is soon going to change. LG is going to launch a 3G wrist watch mobile phone which is being called as LG-GD910. Yes, a mobile phone which you can wear on your wrist and it so looks like those cool gadgets which you may seen in James Bond movies.

Though it doesn’t look like a mobile phone, it has all the features. It has a 1.43 inch color touchscreen display and has 3G HSDPA connectivity offering speed upto 7.2 MBps. The phone also has a small camera in the front which can be used to make video calls. It supports voice dialing capabilities with built in speech recognition. The phone also has Bluetooth support and a mp3 player. Not only that, the phone is waterproof, has a speaker phone and also comes with text to speech capabilities.

The phone is going to be launched at CES 2009. It will be available in Europe first followed by North America. Pricing details is not yet known but don’t expect it to be cheap.

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gill says:

Wrist mobile phone
Message:hi it is avalible to malta and how much is the shipping cost ?? can you pls send me some more information llike {pictures of the sides of the phone } and picture of the charger and from where it charge from its realy important for me for what i need it for thanks and pls tell me the price to malta conclude the shipping

lavanyaboppuri says:

sir how much this will cost

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