HP Mini and Lenovo Ideapad S10 Netbooks gets Price-cut

11 December 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Netbooks Netbooks are getting more popular day by day. The sales of Netbooks across the globe have touched new heights this year. Slowly all computer manufactures have got their little machines in the market. The famous term being used across the netbooks builders is the “Mini”.

Watching heavy competition in the market and the upcoming Christmas Holidays Hp played a nice move and got $40 cut in its Mini 1000. Following the pressure today Lenovo is announcing $50 cut in their IdeaPad S10 netbook. It looks like Hp had started the move which now being followed by the other competitors. No matter who starts first and brings the heat to market, its the consumer in the end who will enjoy the lower prices.

Netbooks are in demand as they are very portable and can be easily carried away. Not only they are cheap but they can do different computing task very easily. This shows versatility of the Netbooks and make them the perfect choice for basic usage like checking mails, socializing on social network sites, net surfing, listening music and it is very easy for travelers. But the most important is it meets all the requirement of a blogger becoming his ideal choice over desktop computers or even notebooks.

Lenovo’s main page is featuring two models – One is for “General computing” starting at $349 and the other yells “Large Capacity” which is starting from $399. The only difference between the two is the first one is having 80GB HDD and 512mb RAM and the later have the just the double of it.

According to a research before these price cut, Lenovo S10 Series had the 0.7% mark while Hp was bouncing with 5% of the market share.

Till now all popular notebook manufacturers have entered the netbook market except Apple which has shown no interest in this market yet. With such repetitive price cuts we will surely see the boosting sales of the netbooks. Also the Christmas in not far away and these small wonders can be a perfect gift for your loved one’s.

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