Boston Power’s Sonata Technology to offer Longer Lifespan

10 December 2008 By Ankit Duseja

boston-power-battery Boston Power a three-year-old startup has got the deal with HP to offer their Sonata Technology integrated batteries as an optional add-on to the HP products. The Sonata Technology is basically about improving the lifespan of the batteries. This technology will result in 3 times lifespan as of any other lithium ion battery.


Sonata Technology does not offer more up-time of the battery but its about the lifespan of the battery. Consider it this way: A normal lithium ion battery can charge fully (100%) upto 300 recharge cycles and then the charging capacity gradually decreases with time. Means after 300 recharge cycles the battery may not charge up by 100%.

To overcome this problem Boston Power has created a technology which they call as “Sonata Technology” which have the capability to retain 100% charging capacity up to 1000 recharges. Thus improving the life-span of your battery.

HP have just got a deal with Boston Power and now these batteries equipped with Sonata Technology will be up at HP stores as an add-on for their “HP Enviro Series”. It does not ends up here. These batteries have another plus point over the others. As the Boston Power claims “These batteries can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes!” thus resulting in quicker recharges.

HP will be adding these batteries as an upgrade for only $20-$30 extra over the other batteries.

Head over to Boston Power site for technical specifications [PDF].

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