Bluetooth 2.2 with Improved DTR coming in Mid 2009

7 December 2008 By Ankit Duseja

bluetoothBluetooth Technology have been in existence since much time and it is being widely used in portable devices such as Mobile’s, Digital Camera’s, etc. But a major drawback of Bluetooth remains i.e. its slow speed. If we have to transfer huge files from our mobile devices to our PC, we still prefer connecting the phone via cable rather than using the in-built Bluetooth. The only reason is that DTR or Data Transfer Rate is high when connecting with cable as compared to a Bluetooth connection.

To overcome this problem with the current version of Bluetooth, The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) will release Bluetooth 2.2 in the end of Q2 of 2009. The new release will include a specification of High Speed Bluetooth. It will allow users to transact and exchange the data at a very high rate.

The new specification will utilize Bluetooth Technology in conjunction with either WLAN or UWB to offer Enhanced Data Transfer Rate. These technologies will be marketed with Bluetooth 10x & Bluetooth 100x tags. Of course the devices will have WLAN or UWB radio equipped in them to use the Bluetooth 2.2.

The Bluetooth 10x is expected earlier than the 100x as the devices with WLAN have already made their presence in the market since some time. Thought the finished products won’t appear in market before 2010.

Not only the speed will be improved with the integration of WLAN & UWB but it will also increase the range on a wider scale killing the 10m mark as of today.

After this integration Bluetooth possibilities will be raised very high as it won’t be only used for wireless headphones or data transfer. Imagine a Video Conversation over Bluetooth on two mobiles in two different rooms of your house. Better and speed products will be seen as this new technology has a high potential to transfer huge data wirelessly in just few seconds.

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