FeedDemon is the soul of bloggers (OK not every blogger but most of us do use FeedDemon to catch up with our feeds). It has been a long time, we haven’t seen any update of our dear Feed Client. But the FeedDemon 2.8 is around the edge and might be released anytime next month. Continue Reading →



LG Electronics are not known to be much innovative when it comes to mobile phones but that is soon going to change. LG is going to launch a 3G wrist watch mobile phone which is being called as LG-GD910. Yes, a mobile phone which you can wear on your wrist and it so looks like those cool gadgets which you may seen in James Bond movies. Continue Reading →


Samsung YP-P3 PMP

Apple’s iPod Touch is an amazing device and a quite a few music players can provide a good competition to it now Samsung has revealed the YP-P3 portable multimedia player which is a successor of YP-P2 and has got nice design and features which can provide some competition to iPod touch. Continue Reading →

sony PSP 3000 Hack

The day we all have been waiting for, Sony PSP 3000 which was once considered to be hackproof is now hacked so that you can use your PSP 3000 for homebrew applications, you can use it for playing saved game image files which was the cause of concern for many. Until now users were confused whether to go for PSP 2000 or PSP 3000, as PSP 2000 was hackable, was old and the new Sony PSP-3000 comes with brighter screen and inbuilt mic but features apart, PSP 3000 also suffers from interlacing problems, to which Sony has refused any action by saying its a feature addition rather than a problem, i think it won’t bother you  much after it has been made hackable, imagine the cool apps, emulators which you can now use on your PSP 3000.

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Sony 22x DVD Drive

Sony is well known in the world of Optical Storage Devices. It has recently launched a high speed powerful DVD writer with 22x speed, the Sony AD-7220S/A. The new device offers high performance with reliability and is available at a reasonable price. Continue Reading →



Philips is not a common name when it comes to mp3 players. It is still trying to get a good grip in the market which is dominated mostly by iPod, Zune etc. Philips are rolling out three new mp3 players in there GoGear series which are Raga, Spark and Luxe. The new music players look promising and are available at a decent price. Continue Reading →


Intel Ericsson

If you are a laptop owner, then Laptop security is of prime concern to you as laptop stealing is becoming quite common. If your laptop is stolen, your private and confidential data also gets stolen and that is a major cause of concern. To counter Laptop theft, Ericsson and Intel are collaborating to develop a killer technology which makes use of Intel Anti Theft Technology and Ericsson WWAN modules. Continue Reading →


Asus eee PC 1002hA

Asus has added another member to its award winning Eee PC series. The new Netbook member is the Asus Eee PC 1002HA. It is an improvement over the 1000 series netbooks and is one of the best netbooks available in the market. Though its features are similar to what we see in many other netbooks, its slim, lightweight and classy design makes it look like a class apart. Continue Reading →

apple-mac-netbook We talked about the recent price-cut in netbooks a day before. There we also pointed out that Apple is the only major producer left which is not producing a netbook yet. Though Apple revealed Macbook Air over an year ago which almost sense like an netbook from Apple but the Apple Fans are not ready to take it as “The Apple Netbook”.

These days the Apple Netbook is a hot topic over the net. Thus some thoughts stroke my head which I am sharing with you. Apple always aimed for the quality products but this time they need to do the the reverse while maintaining their brand.

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Motoyuva W396

Another multimedia mobile phone is going to enter into the market for this festive season. Motorola is going to add another member to its MOTOYUVA family, the MOTOYUVA W396. It is the seventh phone in the Motoyuva series and is an entry level multimedia phone. It has got some decent features at an affordable price. Continue Reading →

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