Spice Launch D-88 Gold Mobile Phone

21 November 2008 By Madhur


Spice D-88

Spice have been launching pretty decent mobile phones. Recently, they came out with S-930 Touch Screen phone with good features and decent price. Now they have launched the D-88 Gold handset. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a phone dipped in Gold but it comes with Gold finish. The candy bar phone has got some nice features which makes it interesting.

It has a DUAL-SIM technology which makes the phone interesting. The phone has support for both GSM and CDMA networks. And the Dual technology allows users to one CDMA and one GSM Sim card simultaneously. It also allows for calls to be put on hold and swapped simultaneously between the GSM and CDMA connection without requiring phone restart. Some of its other features include a 1.3 MP camera, FM recording, stereo Bluetooth, Java and Remote Control Application. The phone comes with Opera Mini browser and can also be used as a modem. The phone comes with 512 MB memory card which can be expanded to 2GB.

The price is pretty decent. It is available at a price of Rs 8,999.

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lvs says:

I dont know of anyone who has this phone. Maybe those endorsing it get free phones?

kiru says:

hi i have this phone ,using for the past five or six months and it has such a astonishing look…..if you use u ll not live without it! sound effect is very good and camera is 1.3 mega pixels…better try it guys and gals!!!!

breeze says:

can d 88 gold support 4 gb memory card


How about getting updated news on CDMA+GSM Combo sets like Spice or Samsung brands I am intere3sted in the update on this cound, including facilities, if any to exchange earlier sets.

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