Logitech Unveils Cordless Mouse for Notebooks

4 November 2008 By Madhur



Though there are a lot of Laptops being launched almost everyday, accessories are also an important part. Even though the default Touchpad is good, many people prefer to use a external mouse while working with Laptops as it lets them do there work quite fast as they are more used to it.

Logitech has launched the V550 Nano Cordless Laser mouse for the notebooks which comes with the Clip and Go Dock that allows users to clip the mouse to the laptop and then carry it. Since laptops are generally used for mobile purpose, it will be convenient for users to carry it with them. The mouse comes with the Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver that once plugged into the computer stays against the side of the computer and doesn’t have to be unplugged when users move or keep there laptops. It even comes with 18 months of battery life and the mouse wheel can also move freely allowing users to easily move through documents.

The mouse is available at the price of Rs 3115. Though a bit expensive, it is a good mouse to own if you are a laptop user.

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