Intel Core i7 940, 920 and 965 Extreme Edition

3 November 2008 By Shashank


Back in August Intel announced the 7th generation of Intel Architecture called Intel Core i7, Now top hardware review sites have got the new Intel processors  Core i7 940, 920 and 965 Extreme Edition for testing, the real world test looks promising and doesn’t disappoint. The new Nehalem architecture uses several new features like Hyper Threading, QPI bandwidth, Turbo Mode, it has also got a three channel, on-die DDR3 memory controller.

Features of the new Intel Core i7:

  • Single-die device: There are four cores as a part of single large, monolithic die, each core has its own L1 and L2 caches, and all four sit behind a large 8MB L3 cache
  • Point-to-point connections between the processor and peripherals using QuickPath interconnect system
  • 45nm fabrication process technology
  • 731M transistors
  • Hyper Threading
  • QPI bandwidth
  • Turbo Mode
  • Three channel, on-die DDR3 memory controller
  • Single quad-core Nehalem can work on 8 threads at a single time

Real world performance tests of the core i7s are also available, the links below are the ones that i found interesting and details almost everything about the new Intel Core i7 processors:

Intel Core i7 940, 920 and 965 Extreme Edition performance review at Bit-Tech– 13 Pages

Intel Core i7s and X58 at Anandtech– 20 Pages

Intel Core i7s along with X58 Xpress chipset at HotHardware– 17 pages

Pricing details of the new Intel Core i7s are also revealed:

Price of Intel Core i7 920 : $284

Price of Intel Core i7 940 : $562

Price of Intel Core i7 965 extreme edition : $999

Release Date of Intel Core i7 Processors: 17 November,2008

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