HTC announce World’s first GSM/WiMax Mobile Phone

13 November 2008 By Madhur


HTC Max 4G

HTC is surely on top when it comes to innovations in Mobile. They are the first to introduce the Android handset and were also the first to launch the full touch screen handset HTC Touch HD. Now they are going to launch another handset, HTC Max 4G which will have an integration of GSM and WiMax technology. It will be for the Russian Yota Mobile WiMax network.

It will be similar to HTC Touch HD and will have a 3.8 inch 800 X 480 pixel display with touch screen. The device will also be able to display around 9 TV channels simultaneously on the Yota video network. It will also be able to hop between GSM and WiMax networks. It will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 and will have a TouchFlo 3D interface. Other features include a 5 MP camera and a second camera for video calling, Bluetooth, WiFi. It will have 288 MB of RAM and will come with 8GB flash drive.

Initially it will be launched in the Russian market and slowly it might find its way to other places.

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wimaxed says:

I watched one of the videos (though it was in Russian and I didn’t understand much) and it looked quite smooth for a Windows Mobile powered device. You could watch many TV channels on it and it looked pretty good. I don’t think you can do that on 3G networks,or at least not at that speed and video quality. WiMAX seems to be a winner when it comes to wireless video applications.

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