Hp’s MultiTouch TX2 – A successor of sucking TX series?

20 November 2008 By Ankit Duseja

HP today released the new multi-touch TX2 series. Its seems to be a nice laptop with such good configuration but before buying this wait a little and let the market report come out. I own a HP TX1000 series tablet, predecessor of the newly launched TX2 series & my experience with this one has not been any good.

Its around one and a half year back when I bought TX 1016 AU, a high end tablet machine from HP. It is loaded with tons of great features that I always dreamed about. It was packaged with a 1 year warranty. The first 11 months went good for me. Infact I was proud to choose this tablet from Hp but then I didn’t knew what a big problem was about to occur in near future.

Hp TX1000 Series is bundled with a defect that its Wi-Fi adapter stops working anytime, it simply vanishes and then never gets detected again. I was lucky as it happened when the warranty was just left for about a month more. I took it to HP Service center & they happily replaced the motherboard on the same day. I was impressed by Hp’s support. But then just after 2 days it went off again. I took it again to the center and they told me to wait for a week until they call a new mother board.

I had no other option left other than waiting. After a week the motherboard was again replaced. This was the third motherboard in my system. The mother board worked for around 20 days & again the same thing. Luckily that as the last day of my laptop’s warranty and I putted another request of repairing it. Again I have to wait for a week more and my mother board was replaced. I searched about this problem on Internet and amazingly this problem is not only faced by me. Its the damn Hp selling nuts to people.

So my fourth motherboard had been working since past 6 months but yesterday it went off. The wi-fi was dead again. I can’t go for another motherboard replacement this time. Thus I opted for an external Wi-Fi card rather than spending around 13k to replace the motherboard.

The TX2 series is a successor of the TX series and I doubt that other than changing the screen to multi-touch and the outer design, HP hadn’t worked out on any other thing.

HP still don’t have any solution to this problem other than replacing the motherboards and still they are selling the TX series like Hotcakes! So just before buying the TX2 series wait for some months and do a little home work on weather HP is doing some work or just rolling out old pieces with new features.

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kookimebux says:

Hello. And Bye. 🙂

proudOwner says:

:mrgreen: im sorry but you are right this DID happen to me but when my motherboard got replaced everything has been ok…iv had my replacement for quite a while now and no problems…my wifi works perfectly now 😛

Alejandro Nova says:

I had that issue too. And I did something odd: instead of waiting forever for a fix from HP, I went to a good old, brick & mortar, notebook service center. They quickly recognized the problem, spent less than a week to fix it, and charged me $150. The fix? They replaced the faulty nVidia southbridge. Thank God they had a BGA reworking machine and the spare chip (to be fair, I gave them one month to import it, but all that time I had my tx1000 with me, and I had Internet through an USB dongle)

The service center discovered another thing that disturbed me even more: HP used Tier-2 chips in our tx1000s. They discovered that, because the new chip (they actually soldered a new southbridge into my motherboard) was ~10°C cooler, in all burn-in tests, than the faulty HP chip, all the time.

So, instead of waiting forever for your fix from HP, go to your service center. Hey! I live in Chile! If you live in a developed country, you’ll surely have a better service than I had! And that fix WORKED for me!

I’m one of the very unfortunate to have bought the tx1220us, and I hope that tx2 users will not have the same problems. I’ve had my motherboard replaced two times now.

Lila says:

same thing happened with my TX1000 laptop. After about a year and a half of use, my wifi died. Luckily I purchased a three year warranty(from Futureshop…I live in Canada)with my TX1000. My wifi died about three more times, each time they replaced the motherboard. Luckily my Futureshop warranty provides a replacement laptop if one under warranty needs more than three repairs. So when I sent it in the last time, they gave me the brand new TX2z laptop!! The only thing I repurchased was the $300 warranty for my new laptop for another 3 years. In my case, if the TX2z has the same problems as the TX1000, that would actually in a way be a good thing because I’ll get a brand new upgraded laptop every year and a half or two years!

My advice, if you’re going to purchase anything from HP ALWAYS buy a warranty.

Artnold says:

Well first sorry for all who have had problems with the tx1000 including me, I had this laptop, and kinda experience the same problems, but now I can I assure you that the new models tx2 have a complely different motherboard (puma based) wich got rid of lotz of these issues, and graphics were improved, so if u r still unsure about the new models think twice about it 😆 like I did, now I own the tx2z model and I;m very please.


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