Accelerometer Based Game for Symbian – Mazing Days

3 November 2008 By Ankit Duseja

mazee02Remember childhood days when you used to play a mazing game? Its popular term in India is “Bhool-Bhulaiya”. The paper version of this game is still seen in kid magazines and it is really challenging to find the right path to solve the game.

Now here is the same game with a modern touch, its on your mobile and you won’t be playing it with your phone’s keys or not even the phone stylus. All you have to do is just tilt your mobile to move the ball and complete the game.

The mission of the game is to make the ball reach its destination while crossing by confusing paths. The game starts with the ball at the top left corner, your aim is to bring the ball the right-lower end by traveling it through complex paths. It looks easy but it is actually quite challenging.

As I said this brain-teasing game is with a modern touch and it uses the Phone’s accelerometer to move the ball . The game features different difficulty levels and you can set them as per your requirement. It is available for all S60 3rd edition devices. Overall if you are in a mood of some brain-teaser, its a nice experience playing this one.

Download Mazing Days Game here.

Note: Before playing the game don’t forget to switch off automatic screen rotation.

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