Sandisk Ultra 8GB SDHC mobile card review

SanDisk Mobile Ultra MicroSDHC 8GB is premium mobile card which offers great features and 8 GB storage space in a neat tiny package. SanDisk Ultra range of cards promises fast data transfer speeds as compared to the previous generation of mobile cards, The 8GB Ultra SDHC card I received was one of them, the package consists of a 8 GB MicroSDHC card which is of the similar size of any other MicroSD card and a tiny USB Card Reader which makes it easy to use the MicroSDHC  card as a 8 GB high speed pendrive. The data transfer speeds are the fastest if you compare it with the generic pendrives available in the market. If you have a mobile, digital camera that supports MicroSDHC cards upto 8 GB than this is a product to go for.

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Genius Gshot hd55

Genius is not a company that you would normally associate with Digital Cameras or Camcorders. Genius mainly deals in Computer Peripherals but they are also involved in Cameras and Camcorders. There latest product is the G-Shot HD55 camcorder which offers high definition shooting at a decent price. Continue Reading →


Samsung Tobi S3030

Samsung has announced the Tobi S3030 mobile phone which is not made for grown ups, but for Pre-teens, young adults and anyone who desires to experience fun and safety features from there mobile phones. As the phone isĀ  mainly targeted towards teens, it will come in six colors Sweet Pink, Bright Orange, Loyal Blue, Oasis Blue, Apple Green and Snow Silver. The phone has a unique look with a friendly graphical user interface and splashy design. Continue Reading →


Control everything with your mobile device is the objective of the Home Control Center platform that Nokia will be launching next year. Imagine switching off lights, fans, other consumer electronic appliances with your Internet ready Smartphone, come 2009 and you will witness the true power of mobiles, as their computing capabilities are increasing by leaps and bounds they will eventually be a powerful medium to control things.

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Sonim XP3

If you are an adventurous fellow and likes to go on adventures such as Camping, River Rafting etc, then you need a rugged mobile phone that can complement you. Sonim Technologies are known for there rugged handsets and there latest product Sonim XP3 Enduro can be the most rugged handset yet. Continue Reading →

Toshiba Corp, a leading innovator in memory card technologies will be launching 16GB microSDHC card next month. The new card will be launching in December 2008 but the mass production will start from January 2009. Also the two old cards have been re-furbished to comply with Memory Card 2.0 standards thus raising the overall read/write speed of all the cards.


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hong-kong Nokia is pushing the launch of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic worldwide. Just a day before the phone was launched in India and here comes the other news, it will be up for sale in Hong Kong this Saturday.

The major difference of phone being launched in Hong Kong to the one manufacturing in China is they will have Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities which were taken off from the Chinese models.

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Nokia 5800

Nokia has unveiled the highly anticipated Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in India. It is the first ever “Touch Screen” mobile phone from Nokia and will provide a good competition to the Apple iPhone. Along with this, Nokia also announced the launch of there ‘beta’ music store. Nokia has also tied up with a lot of recording labels to provide all types of music to its customers. Continue Reading →


Nokia 6260 slide

Mobile Phones are not just used to make phone call these days. They have now become a source of entertainment, games and are also used to share content with family and friends. Keeping this is mind, Nokia have announced the 6260 Slide phone which is especially made for sharing photos, videos with friends and also to keep in touch using social networks. Continue Reading →

jdownloader-rapidshar download manager 

Rapidshare is one of the biggest depository of files online, most of the people just keep downloading 24×7 from sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. If you are one of them then a dedicated download manager like jDownloader can help you manage your Rapidshare and Megaupload downloads easier, it is available as a freeware and supports both premium and free Rapidshare accounts. It even has support for encrypted  links.

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