ZTE U990 HSDPA/TD-SCDMA SmartPhone Announced

1 October 2008 By Madhur


ZTE U990

ZTE which earlier released the U980 and U981 handsets is now back with the U990 which is being touted as the world’s first phone to come with both HSDPA and TD-SCDMA connectivity. It can support a high speed transfer rate of 2.8 Mbps down-link and 384Kbps up-link.

With the images that has been released, it looks like it has a very simple design. It has a touch screen display along with GPS capabilities. It will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.0 and will also have a decent camera on it. Along with this, it will also have a large internal memory. The 3G capability and the features that it offers can make it one of the most successful phones from ZTE.

Currently no details about the pricing and availability is known. But it is expected that it will soon be released in China, Japan, Europe and North America followed by a release in rest of the world.

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