YouTube to have Free Full Length TV Shows with Ads

12 October 2008 By Madhur



This will be good news for many of you. YouTube is planning to broadcast full length episodes of some old and gold TV Shows. And if you are wondering, how it will be free, then the TV shows will also contain commercials, so that is also part of the package. Many people with good bandwidth prefer watching TV shows online and YouTube might be looking to capitalize on that.

A deal has been signed between YouTube and CBS TV network to broadcast shows like Dexter, Star Trek, Californication, Beverly Hills and 90210 which are a mix of old and new ones. The videos will have commercials in them thus enabling the broadcaster to earn revenue. With the popularity of YouTube, it is not going to have any difficulty in attracting advertisers.

This will also be good for the users as they can watch there TV shows online for free.

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