World’s Fastest Car: Bloodhound SSC [Super Sonic Car]

25 October 2008 By Shashank

super sonic car- bloodhound

Bloodhound SSC is a crazy super sonic car, 12.8m long, 6,422kg (with fuel), jet and rocket-powered body made of titanium and carbon fibre that will rush through unimaginable speed of 1,050 mph which makes it a world’s fastest car around, previously it was ThrustSCC build by the same team . In common terms its a jet propulsion fitted in a V12 race engine. At  Mach 1.4 speed it is said to outrun a speeding Magnum bullet handgun and watch out it acceleration, it clocks 0 to 1050 MPH in just 40 seconds. Driver Andy Green will be covering a distance equivalent to over four football pitches every second, or 50m in the blink of an eye.


Project Motive:

To study  various reactions on cars at high speed to help the auto companies in making better cars for sports in future .

From the press release:

BLOODHOUND SSC (super sonic car) will be driven by Wing Commander Andy Green who set the current record of 763mph (1228kmh) at the controls of ThrustSSC on 15th October 1997. If the new vehicle achieves its target of 1,000mph (Mach 1.4) it will mark the greatest incremental increase in the history of the World Land Speed Record; it will also exceed the low altitude speed record for aircraft (c.994mph).

Youtube Video of Bloodhound SSC:


Project Bloodhound Super Sonic Car website via Gadgetvenue

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