Touchscreen Asus Eee PC Coming in Q1 2009 [Touchscreen Netbook]

12 October 2008 By Shashank


To differentiate its Eee PC netbooks lineup from the rest of netbooks in which every company is diving daily these days, AsusTek has planned a touchscreen based Eee netbook within the next six months as previously rumored. The netbook market has been overly crowded even the Asus Eee lineup is spoilt with choices, giving a touchscreen variant will certainly ease things for many. Along with touchscreen based netbooks from Asus you will also able to see Eee PC’s with dual-core Atom-based netbooks as soon as Intel starts shipping them.

In addition to touchscreen panel and dual-core Atom-based Eee PCs, president, Jerry Shen, revealed that the company will also release a model priced less than US$307( Rs 14,800) during 2009.

Here is a video of Modded Eee Touchscreen PC ( The final release from Asus will look like this)

YouTube Preview Image

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