Sony PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack First Shots

12 October 2008 By Shashank


Sony PSP-3000, the refined PSP with minor tweaks(better display and inbuilt microphone) is due release in mid october but guys over engadget has got some first shots of the PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack which includes National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie, Ratchet& Clank: Size Matters video game along with 1GB Memory stick Pro Duo card.



Sony PSP-3000 Price and availability in India:

There is still no information about new Sony PSP 3000 availability and its price in India, it is expected that the price of PSP-3000 in India will be slighty higher than the price of PSP slim and lite currently available.Β  Watch out this space for future PSP price updates.


Cost of PSP 3000 in India will be Rs 9,490, and the older PSP 2000 would continue to sell at price of Rs 8,900.

Sony PSP-3000 will be officially releasing in India in November, but do check out at the Sony authorized dealers as PSP-3000 stocks have already started pouring in.


New PSP 3000 bundles in India:

Sony PSP 3004 Motorstorm Arctic Edge Bundle priced at Rs 10,490 (MRP)

Sony PSP 3004 Gran Turismo Bundle priced at Rs 10,490 (MRP)

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Ravikiran says:


I just checked with Sony world Showroom in Bangalore (Banashankari) and he still has PSP 2400 model and he is not aware of PSP 3000 Release.

I also contacted Sony India customer center and they are also not aware of PSP 3000 release in India.

I want to buy PSP but confused between buying PSP 2400 or wait for PSP 3000. Please help me.

enkay says:

I’ll say wait yaar. Afterwards, you’ll pachhtaavofy if you see the 3000 in your friend’s hand. There is not much price difrence. Even if you are utaavlaa just have patience, save the money and voila!!!! You’ll enjoy it and thank enkay who gave you such exlent advice. OK?

Shashank says:


You should know that psp-3000 is hackproof for now and cannot be used for playing saved game image files which means you have to buy original games whereas in psp slim n lite or PSP 2000 you can download games from the internet.

go for psp 3000 if you are comfortable purchasing PSP games.

Sony has already officially launched PSP 3000 in India.

samrox says:

are u sure dat psp 3000 is hackproof coz even i was planning to buy it , but the guy at the shop told me d same thing i wondered whether he really knew it coz he only had the 2000 for sale???
what do i do man

Shashank says:

For now, yes it is hackproof but Dark Alex is working on it, it sounds strange but future of homebrew for PSP 3000 is dependent on Dark Alex, Sony has put some extra protection in psp 3000 which renders it hackproof, means pandora modding doesn’t work with it. Dark Alex is still working on it.

Ravikiran Papthimar says:


Are you sure PSP 3000 is hackproof… I dont have problem in buying original PSP cd’s but do we have choices in it? Sony world whom i went to in Bangalore did not have much choice in PSP cd’s. I thought we can atleast play games from memory stick !!
Anyway good news is i had been to Playstation Expo in Bangalore today (15th Nov) and they are advertising PSP 3000 there and when i enquired they said it will be available in Bangalore starting 21st Nov (5 more days of Waiting ….!!)
Can you tell me where to buy PSP games cd’s in Bangalore???

udi says:

hey dude wt is d progress with dark alex.

Shashank says:


yes for now psp 3000 is unhackable

well i don’t know about PSP game seller in Bangalore but even if you find one then i doubt if they will have appropriate collection of PSP games.

then there is this online store:

you can get almost any PSP game on that site.

No more information is available on the progress of Dark Alex.

adi says:

@ ravikiran

there is a huge collection of psp games(UMDS) at glasgow computers, Brigade Road and at Venus, Church street (opposite Amoeba) check them out..
Venus also sells some cool psp accessories that even sony doesnt have (as far as i know)..
So go on then pimp your psp…

Ravikiran says:

Thanks Bro…

By the way i got my PSP3000 on 21st.. The day it was released in Blore. I got it from Wholesale dealer in SP road.. even before it came to Sony Word show room.. Along with that i got “God Of War- Chains of Olympus” and i am loving it..I Dont mind long office journey’s now.
Even the wholesale dealer in SP road has lot of PSP CD collection.

Ankit says:

Hi Ravikiran,
Can u let me know dealer address at SP road, I lives nearby,
looking to buy PSP3000

drop me a mail at

Thanks in advance


Ravikiran says:


Store name is Media Entertainment systems. Person to contact is Narendra 9845218942.

you can go to SP road and ask for this shop.

Best of luck.

Ankit says:

Thanks Ravikiran,

Now I also owns PSP….


samarth says:

hey should i buy a psp 3000 or the slime and lite. iam getting realy confused.

samarth says:

πŸ™ my friend told me that slime and lite is better and my parents are telling me to buy the 3000 .so which should i buy

Shashank says:


Congrats on your purchase.

You should read the discussion above yours, your friend is right if you want to use pandora modification to play saved game files else if you can afford original games titles you should doubtlessly go for PSP 3000

samarth says:

i can afford original umd’s .i think i’ll go for the psp 3000

Ankit says:

Is anyone interested to rent or share UMDs,
As I am having 3004 PSP, buying each game is not a good idea.

I stays at airport road, if some looking for rent/share on daily or weekly basis contact me at 9731039651.

& plz. let me know is there is any rental shop for PSP game..


jaswinder says:


i am planning to buy a psp but i’m really confused.
as my parents are not allowing it because i haven’t scored good marks in my 3th year of engg. so planning to n=buy on my own, can anyone help which one should i buy 2400 or 3000?
which one is better?
on which i can play the downloaded games?
please help me out……

Ankit says:


Here is good link to direct download demo games for PSP
Try, Like it & go for it


krishna says:

hey guys..
i am really confused bout buying a psp. i cant afford original umd(think of it, giving 2k for a game) and i heard psp 3000 is unhackable. but the recent news i heard from pcmag magazine says that psp 3000 is hacked. i just wanted to confirm its status. the link where i got this news is,2817,2335191,00.asp
moreover, hw bad is the screen of psp 3000?i heard it has got some interlacing screen problem. and how much does a psp 3000 costs??
pls let me know. my mail address is

Ravikiran says:


PSP 3000 is priced around 9500 Rs in Bangalore. Name and place of the seller is mentioned in the above thread.

As for hacking. The article looks true, it says we need to change the battery to a new one which costs about 30$ in USA. Frankly speaking i am not intrested in unlocking my PSP. I am happy with how it is right now.

I have been using the new PSP 3000 for about a month now and i have not faced any problems till now. Infact i am enjoying it. Screen is cristal clear and battery life is amazing. I use my PSP to play games as well as watch Movies !!!


sandeep says:


I am planning to purchase a PSP for my 7 year old son, cuse most of his classmates have it. Any advise if its ok for his age. Else pl advise what is more suitable for him.


Jaswinder says:

Till which month SONY PSP 2400(i.e. when sony is closing the production of sony PSP 2400), will be available in the market>>>
actually i am saving money because my parents are not allowing me to buy it and also the games for it, are expensive.
so can buy only 2400 model an which i can play a downloaded game…

Please Help!!! πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

Shashank says:

i really don’t know if its ok at his age, but i am sure that he will love it. One more gadget i will recommend,you and your son will love it, the new iPod Touch 2G, priced at around 14K, it has full touch interface. Make sure he doesn’t throw around these gadgets πŸ™‚ as these are delicate.

Now you can play downloaded games because the new PSP 3000 can now be unlocked using Blue Lite Battery. refer this post

himanshu says:

hey ive bought a psp 3000…
i am about to ask smbdy to bring the
lite blue tool battery to unlock it…
does smbdy know how to use it
to get the thing into the service mode???

kunal says:

hello i am kunal i want to know weather its beter to take psp 2000 or 3000 because i like 3000 but i dont know were its available can u say me wtts the price of psp 3000 & psp 2000 ….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† ❓ ……did u send psp 3000 in india or its still not there… ❓ …please help me…. πŸ™ ❗ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜• 😯 😐 … πŸ˜₯ ….watts…better 3000 or 2000….watt are their price can u give me infomation about that….and most important wattt kind of accessories do u need most with psp 2000…&….psp 3000 ❓ …please responce fast…….

Jay says:

Hi Friends,

The LCD screen of my PSP broke.

Could any of you kindly let me know where in Mumbai can I get the LCD screen? Also could any of you let me know the approximate amount that it would cost me.

Do kindly mail me on


krishna says:

hi guys,
as per few of ur queries,jay, u’ll have to find a authorised sony repair shop and call them to know if they change the screen as such. u can get the location by calling up sony customer care number, which might be listed along with the docs which u got with the psp. also, the local numbers would be available on net.
kunal, psp 3000 has its own benifits and 2000 has its own. some ppl claim that there is some screen interlacing problem with the psp 3000 nd though the screen of psp 2000 is little dull, its better to go for the psp 2000. but, this is wat SOME ppl say. psp 3000 has a brighter screen BUT, as of now the crack of psp3000 has not been confirmed. there are news of a blue lite battery, but i am still waiting for its confirmation from a actual user. but if u dont mind spending 1.5k for purchasin of a original UMD, i would recommend u to go for psp 3000. but, thats my opinion.

Suresh says:


Kindly let me know on how i can get my PSP hacked. or where can i get this done


Jaswinder says:

hey fellows, i have bought my new SONY PSP 3000 and wanted to play the save and downloaded games and i have heard about the Datel Blue Tool battery
which make the PSP to work in service mode by which v can play the same and downloaded games.
can anyone tell me that where i can buy it in pune,
actually i am doing engg. in pune so i want it…
please help me out and also give me the tutorial of it, how to use it.
if any body is having it…
please help me out A.S.A.P.,
i can do nothing with my new SONY PSP 3000.
please rpy fast…
or mail me at

krishna says:

hi jaswinder.
i am from pune itself and i dont think so that u’ll get the crack of psp 3000 here, or as a matter of fact in india. the datel blue tool battery,which CLAIMS to have hacked the 3000 has still not been used and confirmed. i am myself waiting for some development to occur so that i can get my psp3000. u can probably get the tool battery from online,check it out. and if u have other success, let me know.thnx.

Jaswinder says:

thanks Krishna,
but my friend has bought SONY PSP 2004 but all the people(those who do the hack) in pune are saying that they can’t be hacked it because it is of version 4.01
and he have tried MG And in FC.
but he Can’t.
so please can anyone assist what to do next..
please he is dieing to play game but they r so expensive…

please tell how to hack or to tell any place in pune who can do it>>>>>>>>>>>>>> πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

Ashu says:


How is the connectivity of PSP 3000with TV. Can we play games on TV using it.


WISH says:

im from greece i have no idea about psp 3000 and other models i need some informations how to play downloaded games on psp 3000 someone who have msn and want to talk with me pls i need informations!AAAAAAAA dont forget my msn is i w8 for add:( Cya

dr ashish mor says:

➑ ➑ ➑ yo i brought psp3000
and it is very rockin

Ankit says:

Hi all,

I am selling My 2months (purchased on dec-15) old PSP-3004 as I am going to PS3.

Detail are as below, let me know if someone interested
Condition : excellent, Hardly used,
Reason for sale: Buying PS3.

PSP-3000 – 1 No. with bill Mkt cost : 9,450
4 GB Card – 1 No. Mkt cost : 800
TV-out cable(PSP-S150E) – 1 No. Mkt cost : 990
UMD-games: 3 :
(Lemmings + quiz + puzzle in 1 CD.) : Mkt cost : 1000
(EA-Replay ) : 1 Mkt cost : 1000
(Echochrome ) : 1 Mkt cost : 1000
Transparent plastic Screen cover : 1 Mkt cost : 300

Total Investment : 14540

My offer : 12700, Plz. no bargain,
Let me know If u r interested,


Ankit says:

Hi all,

I am selling My 2months (purchased on dec-15) old PSP-3004 as I am going to PS3.

Detail are as below, let me know if someone interested
Condition : excellent, Hardly used,
Reason for sale: Buying PS3.

PSP-3000 – 1 No. with bill Mkt cost : 9,450
4 GB Card – 1 No. Mkt cost : 800
TV-out cable(PSP-S150E) – 1 No. Mkt cost : 990
UMD-games: 3 :
(Lemmings + quiz + puzzle in 1 CD.) : Mkt cost : 1000
(EA-Replay ) : 1 Mkt cost : 1000
(Echochrome ) : 1 Mkt cost : 1000
Transparent plastic Screen cover : 1 Mkt cost : 300

Total Investment : 14540

My offer : 12700, Plz. no bargain,
Let me know If u r interested,


my contact details
Ankit – 9731039651
Location: Old Airport Road, Bangalore

AK says:

Any of you playing “GOD OF WAR”.
Can you tell me is it worth buying??
Also, how much is it for in India??

Ravikiran says:

I have finished God Of War.. its a superb game for PSP. Worth it. Definetly worth buying !!
It costs 1000 Rs in Blore.

ashutosh says:

hey guys i am plannin 2 buy a psp 3000….can anyone give me experts comments on tat…i mean wat it features & cost & weather its hackable or nt…coz i own psp 2004 for almost 1 year but its not hackable…i tried my best 2 get softwares frm internet 2 crack it down(pandorize it) i received no sucess….i dont want to get into ths trouble again so i want a psp 3000 which is hackable…plzz friends help me out..

Jaswinder says:

hey, ashutosh
dude first of all PSP 3004 is of 9450Rs which is not hackable till now.
and acc. to me, it’s not worth buying the UMD’s (games) for it as it cost u around 1000 to 1500 bugs.
it’s nice compaq than 2004, if u have and want to spend ur precious money on games then go for it.
2).if u want to save money then go for PSP 2004 but with version 3.90 or lesser as it’s hackable and u can play the downloaded games on that after installing the custom firmware, because now a days it’s coming with 4.01 version and above.
so be careful buying it, and the manufacturing of 4.01 was started in july/08.
it is worth buying 2004 but now the price of hackable version will be aroung 13000RS instead of 8990RS.
as the availability of that is very less…
Acc. to me it’s worth giving 3-4k more than buying the games daily of 1.5k.
but for 4.01 version sony is selling a 2Gb memory card with 18 games preinstalled in it.
but more than half of it is old games and u won’t play it.
so Without any second thought go for PSP 2004 with 3.90 or lesser version. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

maitrey says:

i m planning to buy psp 3000 but from recent review i foind that its hack proof..
my ouestion is kya mujhe origional cd purchase karna padega???
pirated nahi chalegi????
pls pls pls help ,me

maitrey says:

i m planning 2 buy psp 3000.
my ouestion…. it not hackable…
so i cant download games frm internet……
and i have to buy origional games………pls help me

krishna says:

hi maitrey,
sorry to say that psp 3000 is still, in case u buying it, u’ll have to buy original umd’s from the market to play games. and no, games downloaded from the internet also wont work

cena says:

i bought SONY PSP 2004v4.01
is it hackable or not.
if yes then where in pune, i can hack it…
please rpy
i can’t buy original games

krishna says:

hey cena..
i am sorry to say that any psp 2000 above firmware 3.95 is NOT hackable..u should have bought a psp 2000 with a firmaware older than 3.95….still, for ur peace of mind, check out few places in MG road,pune..but as far as my knowledge goes, ur psp cant be hacked..

sab says:

Hi if anyone interested in purchasing a PSP2004, please contact mail me on

I have purchased it on 7th December for 8990/- thts the price even now. we can negotiate the price and you can also get a carrying case,2gb memory card and a game free along with it. Reason I am selling it is, i dont find time to use it much and dont want to see lying jsut liek that with out any use. its still under warranty. so if anyone interested contact me.

pro_tech says:

I am new in techlivez and read your comments and decided to help.
I found out a way to play games from a memory stick all you need to do is buy a “Pandora magic memory stick and the “Pandora” battery.The 1 problem is can anyone tell me where to buy this in Karnataka-Bangalore.
please e-mail me where to buy

Thanks Very Much in advance. πŸ˜€

kritika says:

oh ! i jus wanna buy a psp but dunno wer do u get it !!
inside bangaore

pro_tech says:

πŸ’‘ In”Sapna Book House”(Where i bouht it)
You can buy it from there or temptations,musicworld etc.

pro_tech says:

sorry i made spelling mistakes

kritika says:

oh !! thanxx
but i lredy got 1 !!

pro_tech says:

No problem.

But can anyone please tell me where to buy the Pandora Memorystick and the Pandora Battery for PSP 3004.



pro_tech says:

You can post the answer in the forum than my e-mail.

Shashank says:


Pandora Battery is used for hacking only old PSPs, the new generation PSP 3004 is currently unhackable and Pandora battery don’t work on these.

pro_tech says:


Is there any other way like unbricking or downgrading a psp
to a lower custom firmware without the pandora battery because i already managed to make my psp memory stick duo to a (MMS)Magic memory stick of Pandora’s.

Can anyone help please.

pro_tech says:

Oh,And can anyone tell me what theDatel Blue Tool battery
does and where you can buy it in Bangalore. πŸ™„

sabby says:

Anyone intersted in buying a 30gb ipod classic ?

mail me

pro_tech says:

Nope 😯

sourabh k c says:

can anyone help me out whether i should buy the old psp or the new psp 3000 ??
call me @ +919747736353 ….

Prathamesh says:

πŸ™‚ hello everybody Talking about PSP 3000 I OWN A HACKED ONE yes you heard correct i live in mumbai The PSP 3000 is now officially hackable yes .One more great news is no batteries are used to hack .just a duplicate memory stick with 2softwares, a pc and usb cable and some change in settings of your psp is required .you can also play ps3,xbox and ps2 games with their respective controllers. We have arranged a place where we should make it avaliable to all it will soon be announced to all .The price of the modding will be 200rs or 4$ and is only avaliable for mumbai users so just wait and watch

mihir says:

Hey guys, I m new to the Playstation world and m planning to buya new PSP, wat do u think which one should i buy the older slim pack one or the new PSP 3000 one which my friend in the above thread says its hackable now. I m from india and will soon be moving to the US. I still have 3 months wat do u say should i buy it from here or go to us and then buy it. Please reply as soon as possible as i m going to delhi i can decide as early as possible

mihir says:

wat do you think where can i find the brand new cheapest psp 3000 in the whole of India and wat to do to get it hacked

Prathamesh says:

😈 don’t worry if you want to buy it from mumbai our stores are located at manish market,palika bazaar and irla you can find it on google maps majority of stores in the above places are getting psp 3000 stocsks .psp will be shortly avaliable the cost will be 14,000rs taxes extra and the psp core pack will be 20,000rs and 25,000 which will include 8gb and 16gb magic gate memory stick loaded with games and application of your choice.

Nisarg says:

what ddo u think where can i find the cheapest psp

prathap says:

please send price in srilanka, wow best thing i ‘ve ever seen

aman vaid says:


Proud_PSP_Owner says:

hey prathamesh,
I’m in Mumbai….. can u crack my PSP3004…..
SMS me on 9833868053

rahul says:

hey prathamesh,
I’m in Mumbai….. can u crack my PSP3004…..
SMS me on 9833501554

Rajendra choudhary says:

hi…. i buy psp3000,it’s camera
it is best
call me 9785072842

mastah says:

I have flash cards for all of my handheld devices, no way I’m paying full price for my games…

aman says:

please tell me current price of psp slim and lite in chandigarh please somebody help

qwerty1 says:

wanna buy it!!
how much is it now???

Dipesh says:

i want o hack my psp 3000
sms me:9819982996
mail me at,

jeevan Verma says:

kindly tell mw which 1 is better 3000 ,2400

krishna says:

hey guys..
i own a psp 3004 which i bought very recently..i am not getting enough time to use the psp bcoz of my profession nd thats y i wanna sell it..this psp is brnad new, NO SCRATCHES at all, with bil, just 2 months old a hard cover case for tht psp..i also have a UMD of midway games..some racing game..
interested people can contact me at

ransher says:

πŸ˜† ❓ 😐 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

rohan says:

hi guys. this is rohan. i am planning to buy a psp but i cant decide which one: psp 3000 or psp slim and lite. i also have a question, is psp 3000 thin and lite like the other? pleaase let me know.

Hari says:

Hi, im hari. im planning to by a PSP for my cousin. I need some advice on which model to buy. As the cost of games is prohibitive , i prefer to download games. so which model should i buy?.. can some one throw light on that.

Navaneeth says:

Hi I would like to know whether the camera for the PSP 3004 is available in India. I live in chennai, if anyone knows the store please mail me at, Thanks

Dinesh says:

I want psp πŸ‘Ώ

Ankit says:


I am selling My 6months (purchased on dec-15) old PSP-3004
Reason: not finding enough time to play with.

Detail are as below, let me know if someone interested
Condition : excellent, Hardly used,

more details:

John says:

Are all the games playable on the new psp playable on the old one too?

Jagdish says:

Hey PSP Lovers

My son wants to buy one. And I have succumbed to his persistant efforts! There seems to be lot of talk about PSP 2004, 3000, 3004 and slim version. In one of the stores only 3004 was available. I want to buy one today evening in Pune. So which is the place where I will get see all versions? I can even buy used piece if it comes to me in good condition, good price.

Which version is hacked and which one is not? I would appreciate reply before 4pm today.

Thanks evrybody

Shashank says:

Go for the PSP 3000, yes it is thin like the previous model and even better.

Go for PSP 3000 as it is hackable now

You can order one from Ebay India

Yes all games are playable on old psp too, but psp 3004 has a better screen

Go for the brand new PSP 3004, I think all models including PSP 3004 are hackable right now.

aditya says:

πŸ‘Ώ 😯 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜• 😎 πŸ˜€ 😳 ❗

Aditya says:

Shashank: Can I play downloaded ISO games with ChickHens(or any other) hack on PSP 3004? As far as I have found out, the hack only enables homebrew games but not ISO. Maybe i am wrong, can you please reply…


krishnasty says:

hey guys.
i dnt believe it, but is psp 3004 hackable??if yes, how? if u have some link or something, do let me know. and does the hackable psp runs ISO as well as homebrew games??

yasir says:

hey guys i wanna buy a psp so coud u plz tell m vch 1 to go 4

Praveen says:

How much does a psp 3000 game cost?any one tell me……..i am thinking of buying psp3000

krishnasty says:

hey guys,
i am posting yet again. i have a new looking used defects, no skratches at all. looks brand new. also, i have a UMD( cost around~1500 in market). with the case, all acessories and umd, i am selling it for 8500rs. if anybody interested, do let me knw.

Shashank says:

@ Everyone @Aditya @krishnasty
PSP 3000 is now hackable completely, I have written easy to use step by step tutorial on how to do it here
..Enjoy Homebrew…..

hi i am robinson Adhikary from nepal. i have the penament solution of any psp hacked or download egghunt software which is free in my web site or contact me on or 009779806870010

Randhir says:

Do anyone know which one is better to buy frm Psp Go n Psp 3000.? And is there any disadvantages of Psp Go.. Which one is better 2 buy @ their prices:neutral: ❓

Abhishek says:

hi i want to buy a psp .but un comfy in buying orginal ganes so suggest me which model .

akhil says:

hey can anyone tell me that psp 3000 is better or not.Can v download games in psp 3000 plz reply any1

Prakhar Rai says:

I am crazy about PSP.
I think it is the best of all.
:mrgreen: πŸ˜† πŸ™‚ 😐

Christopher says:

Guys m not a rich guy i want to buy Psp wit range 6 to 7k wil i get it in bangalore tel me friends

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