Quicktionary TS : Electronic Scanner Based Dictionary[Portable Translator Dictionary]

24 October 2008 By Shashank

Quicktionary TS 

Ever thought of a device that could scan the word from the newspaper and give its meaning on the fly, now your prayers have been answered Wizcom Technologies has developed a Scanner Dictionary that scans the word and displays its meaning along with complete definition. It even features inbuilt speaker that let you hear the words spoken back for correct pronunciation.

Features of Quicktionary:

400dpi scanner at the tip to scan words or lines which are then displayed on a black and white high resolution display. quicktionary_ts A Multi version is also available

Includes multiple dictionaries: The QuicktionaryTS Multi comes preloaded with English-French-English   and  English-Spanish-English for instant translation.  User can view both the original word and translation on the intbuilt LCD display. It also comes with the American Heritage dictionary for English definitions.

Word Games: The Quicktionary-TS  built in word games help language skills  and build vocabulary. Simple to use icon based interface provides an easy to use icon based user interface allowing quick and simple access to all features directly from the screen at any time. 

Hear  Words/Lines: The QuicktionaryTS Multi can read aloud scanned words or lines of text in English text, The QuicktionaryTS Multi’s small size hides a unique technology that works with any printed material.

Enter data with new on-screen, touch keyboard: The on-screen touch keyboard allows entry of non-scannable words, so now ALL words are translatable 

Roll the QuicktionaryTS Multi across printed text to instantly recognize and translate.

Quicktionary TS is available at a price tag of $189.95 at

Wizcom Technologies online store.

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