Motorola To Dump Symbian, Expectations Move On Android

30 October 2008 By Ankit Duseja

linux-logo Motorola Inc. have been playing an active role in the development of Symbian UIQ, also they have invested a huge amount in it. There was a time when the company had expectations from it but as they saw its failure, they have dropped upcoming models based on Symbian and further dumping the OS completely in 2009.

Motorola already have a confusing hybrid variety of phones which are based on various different platforms. To sharpen the line, Motorola heads towards Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. However, the company will focus more on Android as it is an open-source platform and seems to have a bright future.

Sanjay Jha, the Co-Chief executive of Motorola Inc. said “We will no longer offer new devices on Symbian UIQ and our internally developed Linux-Java platform. Our first Android platform is targeted to be on the market for the holiday season 2009. There’s just too much complexity in our operating systems and unit platforms”.

This sudden change will get the company at a loss in 2009 as the planned upcoming Symbian models for 2009 will be dropped in the middle and the motorola team will suffer pain of producing new products in the first quarter of 2009. They will have to work harder in order to produce new models based on new platforms and release them in time.

The company will release fewer devices than expected in the first half of 2009 but this change will give Motorola a path to lead in future, if they will manage to produce quality products with the new Operating Systems.

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