LG KC780 – 8 MP Face Detection Camera Phone

14 October 2008 By Madhur


LG KC780

With so many cool phones such as Nokia Tube or Google’s Android powered phones coming out soon, LG doesn’t want to be left behind. LG is going to launch LG-KC780 which will be another phone being equipped with a 8 MP camera. It is a slider phone and it is quite slim too.

The phone’s 8MP camera also supports Face Detection technology and it automatically finds and focuses on people’s faces there by making the job of photographer much easier. LG is also claiming that it is the world’s first Face Detection camera phone. It also comes with Smile Detection technology to capture the smile perfectly. The Smartlight feature automatically adjusts the picture based on the light settings. The phone can also adjust light sensitivity upto ISO 1600. The phone can also be connected to computer using Bluetooth and can be used as a webcam. The phone has quad band GSM/GPRS and EDGE connectivity. It will also have USB 2.0 and will also have microSD card support along with 140 MB of internal memory.

The phone has some nice feature for photographers which are found in digital cameras only. The phone is expected to be released in November in Europe followed by Asian release.

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