Zenith EcoStyle Low Cost PCs and Laptops to Launch during Festive Season

2 September 2008 By Madhur


Zenith EcoStyle

We have a lot to look forward this festive season. Zenith, the second largest PC manufacturer in India is going to launch there ‘EcoStyle’ brand of laptops and desktops during the festive season. And the good news is, both of these are priced at less than Rs 15K. The laptop is going to be priced at Rs 14,999 making it the cheapest laptop available in the Indian market, even cheaper the Asus Eee PC, while the desktop has a competitive price of Rs 11,999.

Not much is known about the specifications but the laptop will be aesthetically designed. The laptop will have Internet facility ( WiFi Ready)and will come preloaded with Windows XP Home Edition OS, Microsoft Productivity suite, Microsoft Works and Microsoft live Suite. It might come  equipped with 1GB DDR2 RAM along with 120 GB HDD. Since it is expected to cater to the requirements of a variety of individuals such as students, professionals, we can’t expect a low config. Even the desktop will have a dimension of 185mm x 250mm x 70mm and will weight 2.2 Kg so that you can easily move it from one place to another. The Desktop PC will give users the choice to choose between Windows Vista started edition or Windows XP home edition. It will also come preloaded with Microsoft Productivity suite. It is expected to have 80 GB HDD along with 512 MB RAM. A 1.6 GHz processor and a 15′ CRT. Not only it has a cheap price, they will also consume around 30% less electricity.

These PCs are going to be released in partnership with Microsoft and they will be available all over India during the festive season. I can see the PC and laptop sales increasing during that time.

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Shashank says:

Zenith Ecostyle laptop is a Best VFM, it will make a good downloader, as i skipped my eee pc purchase i might have this one 🙂

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