WordPress 2.6 + Improved Vertical Navigation = WordPress 2.7

15 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

crazyhorse-preview2 We know that many A-list blogger’s (and others too) are a big fan of WordPress. We are already given power to customize WordPress as we like with the plugins but imagine if you get a chance to design WordPress control panel in your way, how convenient would it be? The WordPress guys are giving an opportunity and are looking for some suggestions regarding the navigation link structure in control panel.

They are conducting a poll about how the navigation system should be built up in next release. Also you can suggest new features to the team. They are changing the navigation to vertical style, removing the old horizontal style menu in the upcoming WordPress 2.7. This new navigation will allow quick access to pages across the entire control panel.

The poll hardly takes 5 minutes to complete. So do spare time for it and help WordPress get better and better. You can take part in poll here. WordPress 2.7 is expected some where in November 2008.

For readers who don’t know about what is WordPress? Let me tell you that most of the good blogs your read on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It is the heart and soul of blogs and their respective blogger’s. It is like the main engine of blogs which is responsible for moving and managing the whole train or posts.

WordPress 2.7 Navigation Options Survey.

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