Will The World End Today?

10 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

LHC Black Hole

We know that the chances of destruction of earth are very low but just for fun imagine if this happens what will be your reaction? According to experts it will take some hours for the whole earth to be eaten up by the artificial Black Hole which may get produced during experiment. So what will you do when you will come to know that everything will be over in few hours.

Will you pray to god in your last minutes or have a awesome last party ever with your friends and family. Will you work as usual or do something special? ❓ 

I found some video’s on youtube about the LHC fear and its disaster situations. This one shows how the black whole will eat up whole earth.

YouTube Preview Image

This one is the pain-staker which I  just can’t describe.

YouTube Preview Image

Why not check out the LHC rapsong from the crazy scientist who developed the LHC.

YouTube Preview Image

I am doubting about that will this be my last post ever? Probably not. Looking forward for your comments (may be last time).  😉

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