Ultimate Collection of Portable Apps [Screenshots]

30 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

PortableApps.com surely provides a good package which includes free apps that lets you take your apps with you, and provides the freedom of working at any computer. The collection of apps in standard suite of portable apps is nice but I was hungry for more apps that I use daily but the hard job was to find (or make) them portable.

So finally after two days of Googling and coding, my new Kingston pen drive is ready with the ultimate collection of Portable Apps ever. I have added more than a dozen of extra apps to PortableApps Suite and the result is what, you will be watching below.

So get ready to be tempted, and watch out the ultimate collection portable applications ever seen on a pen-drive.




The applications are completely portable and provides me comfort to work from just any PC. All the applications are either open source (free) or the trial versions. I have also purchased some licenses and converted few of them into PRO (registered) one’s.

The pictures above say that all these apps consumed 1.5 GB nearly but actually while taking screenshots some songs of around 500Mb were in the drive. Summarizing all these apps consumed nearly 1GB of the disk space.

I don’t think, the list and my hunger will end here. There are lots more applications waiting to be converted for portable use. So are you tempting to steal my pen drive? 😉

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