Two new Nokia Phones leaked: E72 and E75

19 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

e75 Leaking of phone before launch is a big problem for all phone manufactures specially when they are still in development. Nokia is no separate from the fear. The two new phones which are currently under development have been leaked. Not only the pictures have been leaked but this time the leakers managed to get the promotional video which was created for the marketing of phones. The phones are upcoming stars of the famous Nokia E series.


Both E series phone looks like upcoming market beaters. The side sliding E75 looks gorgeous whereas the other one, E72 is candy bar style phone. Not much info is available currently except the pictures and a Youtube video. In the era of messaging over messengers or performing a VOIP call over internet these handsets looks promising with their QWERTY keyboard packed in.


The sliding E75 QWERTY keyboard makes it the best phone from Nokia ever for business people.


The E series is always known for bringing latest features at comparative cheaper price than the N series. Now lets hope for Nokia to announce this two delicious handsets with their complete detailed specifications. Here is a YouTube video of Nokia’s advertisement of the above:

YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE: Youtube removed the video on the request of Nokia.

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