Toshiba unleashes 1.8inch 240GB HDD

13 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Toshiba Corp., the pioneer in small HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives), announced the World’s First dual-platter HDD which is capable of holding 240Gigs of data on to the disk of which measure only 1.8 inches. The drive sports a 4,200 RPM speed which is a little slow but this drive is still suitable for devices which need huge storage in less space and at low cost.


Toshiba not only announced the 240GB model but two others are of 120GB and 80GB. All the drives rotate at a speed of 4,200 RPM which is OK (though not so good). The main plus point about them is their size. Toshiba managed to pack 240Gigs of data in just 1.8 inches in the matter of HDD’s. These drives achieve an areal density of 344 gigabits per square inch which is highest areal density in the market.

These drives will be most suitable for Consumer Electronics such as camcorders, UMPC’s, MP3 Players and other devices in which space and size are the key factors. It will also help notebook & netbook making companies to pack more storage in less space.

Overall these drives are excellent but the only thing which gives it a minus point is the speed. The 4,200 RPM is not bad though it can’t be called the fastest small drive yet as of today. If we compare it to SSD’s (Solid State Drive) of the same sizes then they will be a lot cheaper than SSD still offering the same storage space. But SSD’s are a whole lot faster than the HDD’s.

The 120GB model is already under mass production but the other two (80GB & 240GB) will be started by the end of this month (September 2008). No word on pricing yet.

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