T-Mobile To Unveil Google Powered Phone on September 23

17 September 2008 By Madhur



The Wireless Phone powered by Google’s Android platform will be shown in a press conference on September 23. There will be only a demonstration of the phone for the reporters/analysts, the phone will actually be available in the market from next month.

A lot of buzz is being generated about it as it is powered by Android, Google’s software which aims to make surfing the Internet from the handset much easier and user friendly. Google is counting a lot from this software to help them sell more advertising, by making many users use the search engine and other services when they are away from home.The phone will be manufactured by HTC. It will of-course face a tough competition from iPhone and other rivals.But if it becomes successful, more and more phones will start using it.

No details about the pricing and shipping is yet known. But T-Mobile is expected to subsidize the price for buyers who agree to use there network.

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