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30 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

sync-file There have been a lot of cases where we need to sync or copy files from one computer to another, or between your desktop and laptop, or between your web server and the pen drives. Doing them manually is possible but is quite time consuming and stone breaking difficult. Thus syncing software is required for performing these kind of jobs.

Simple example of its usage is – Suppose you have a smart phone or a digital camera. You have copied the pictures today but you have not deleted them from the phone. The next day you capture more pictures and again you have to copy the pictures to the computer. You may delete the complete folder which you copied yesterday and then copy all the images again from phone or camera. But what if the the folder which you deleted contains images that are no more in your device.

Merging the files from both sources will be a headache, here is where syncing software comes in role. It automatically merges & syncs the files between the two sources. The operation can be either be two way sync or one way.

GoodSync is the most popular syncing application available in the market. It proves syncing of files between any two folders whether they are on server, pen drive, mobile, digital camera or you different computer. It just does it all. It provides you with various options like 2-way sync, 1-way sync, scheduled sync, etc.


GoodSync is available as free trial version and a pro version. The trial version has limitations to sync and the pro version can be purchased for ~30$ USD. But this software is worth the amount you pay.

Another options other than GoodSync are Allway Sync & OpenSync. Allway Sync also does the same job as GoodSync but it is less comfortable than GoodSync and does not support remote servers over FTP as GoodSync does. The price of Allway Sync is also same as of GoodSync.

OpenSync is an open source free software which is still in alpha stage of early development. It has the support for plugins but still if you are professional user and want to sync important data, this software is not recommended. OpenSync is available for free but it lacks many features and crashes unusually.

There are even more in market, just search for “file syncing software” on any search engine and you will find them.

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