Sony’s PSP-3000 to be Launched on October 16

7 September 2008 By Madhur


Sony PSP 3000

Sony’s Play Station Portable, a handheld gaming device is one of the coolest gadgets to have. But it faces a tough competition from Nintendo DS, with the DS having titles such as Pokemon and Mario series. On the other hand, Sony’s PS3 is also facing a tough competition from Nintendo Wii in sales as Wii has become very popular everywhere. In order to improve the sales of PSP, Sony is going to launch a new improved version of PSP in Japan on October 16.

The new PSP-3000 will have a better Liquefied Crystal display and will also have an inbuilt microphone for voice recording. Design wise i don’t see much of a change compared to the previous model. One of the reasons for the popularity of the PSP has been its many functions. Not only can you play games, you can listen to music, watch videos, movies and can also access the Internet from anywhere using the Wifi. And you can also use it to play multiplayer games with your friends who also own the WiFi. Sony’s sales of the PSP has almost doubled from the previous year and they will be looking to capitalize on that with the new version. Sony are also planing to release a service for PSP in the future which will allow PSP owners to play multiplayer games even if they are not in the same room through the use of Internet.

It will be launched at the same price of the previous model i.e. $180. First it will be launched in Japan followed by US and Europe. It will be available in piano black, mystic silver and pearl white color. Sony have also planned a few entertainment packs to be released for the PSP. Lets see how well it competes with Nintendo DS.

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prabhnoor says:

Is it worth waiting for psp 3000 or should buy the old one. With introduction of psp 3000, will prices of old psp come down.

nani says:

ok nice

Anushka says:

Off course u should wait yaar! I’m also waiting. Psp3 is far better than d older one. And u don’t have thank me 4 dis advice. 😀

fazir moidu says:

what is the cost of Psp in India?

fazir moidu says:


fazir moidu says:

🙂 🙁 😉

ayub says:

what is the cost psp in india

Makku says:

The new psp3000 is coool…….

sayee kumar says:

psp is no 1product , nd ps2, ps3 is nt gud than older psp. remember it.

becoz old psp supports all games, but new psp’s cannot regrett.

sayee kumar says:

minimum 9000 on wards we get psp.

prashant dhanu says:

nice psp

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