Sony Ericsson to Come out with BioDegradable Phone

30 September 2008 By Madhur


Sony Ericsson GreenHeart

Sony Ericsson plans to make the world a much more greener place by coming out with its Eco Friendly phone. Currently, mobile phones are not bio degradable and contains substances which may harm the environment if not disposed off properly.

The new “Greenheart” concept aims at making phones from bio degradable substances like bio-plastic, recycled keypads, digital manual to reduce paper waster and eco friendly packing. The charger will also be zero waste, meaning there will be no power loss when the charger is still plugged in main but disconnected from device. If you look at the images of the phone, they don’t look too attractive but it certainly has the Eco factor.

Last month Samsung also announced a phone whose entire case was made from Bio-plastic. Sony Ericsson will also setup collection points where users can deposit there phone for recycle.

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