Seagate Launch new Range of Hard Disks

16 September 2008 By Madhur


Seagate HD

If you are looking to buy high capacity hard disks, then now seems to be a good time. Seagate has launched a new range of FreeAgent hard disks whose capacity range from GB’s to 1.5 TB.

The FreeAgent Xtreme drives for the PCs come with a whooping storage capacity of 1.5 TB and having a transfer speed of 3GB/s. It is also powered by eSata hence those high speeds and. The ones for the Mac will be known as FreeAgent Desk Drive and includes to USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800 connectivity. It is not that they can’t be interchangeable and you can use them with other OS as well. There is one series for the laptop users as well called the FreeAgent Go. The capacities range from 500 GB to 640 GB, 1 TB and 1.5 TB in Xtreme category.

The price of the Xtreme ones are from $159.99, $179.99, $259.99 and $299.99 . Same capacities in the Desk Drives are available from $129.99, $149.99, $229.99 and $279.99. The Go drives will be available in the capacity of 150GB, 320 GB and 500 GB. The Desk Drive is available currently while the Xtreme edition will be available in October.

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