Samsung Armani Phone Comes to Europe

24 September 2008 By Madhur


Samsung Armani

More and more designers are now being used to design Tech products such as Mobile Phones or even mp3 players. This time, Samsung and world famous designer Giorgio Armani have joined hands the present a very fashionable phone which is being called as Emporio Armani Night Effect or simple the M7500.

The Candybar handset is quite slim and has a thickness of only 12mm. The sides of the handset comes embedded with flashy LEDs and Emporio Armani name is also embedded in the side. These light will make people take notice of your phone at night and therefore the phone is called Night Effect. Other than that, it has a 2.2 inch OLED display, a 3.2 MP camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, FM Radio and HSDPA. Users can also play mp3 and wma music on the phone. It has an internal memory of 120 MB which can be extended by microSD card support.

The phone will be available in November in Europe and will make way to Asia, America after that. The pricing is not yet known. Lets see how much of a fashion conscious mobile users it will attract.

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