Nokia N97 Cloned Year(s) Before Its Launch

1 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

n97 We still don’t know that will Nokia ever launch the N97 or not, we still have no idea about its specifications or its features, we still have a doubt about weather it will have a 8MP camera or not? But there is one thing we know – The Chinese market have already launched a clone of the Nokia N97 year(s) before it will ever get in existence.

Its had hardly been a few days N96 have touched the world markets and here is the N97 clone from these Chinese markets. The rumored specifications of this non-existing phone are as follows:

  • A WQVGA screen which still lacks the touch.
  • A 8MP revolving camera.
  • A VGA front camera.
  • A DVD quality video recorder.
  • Stereo Sound recorder.
  • Carl Zeiss Optic with 3x Optical Zoom.
  • Mini-USB 3.0/2.0
  • Dedicated Music Keys.
  • A Memory Card Slot.

The phone looks like hybrid of its predecessors N90 & N95. We don’t know anything about its price or its specifications but we have some pictures of the cloned phone.




The cloned phone nowhere matches the above rumored specifications of the original phone. So the Chinese model is not for us, hope Nokia doesn’t drop this good project. We will love to see the N97 with a Nokia badge when it finally comes out.

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