Nissan, Sharp and NTT DOCOMO Develop Smart Key Phone

26 September 2008 By Madhur


Nissan Smart Key Phone

We would surely love if the tech gadgets that we use everyday can perform a lot of functions that are integrated with our daily lives. We all use our cell phone daily. Wouldn’t it be nice if our cellphone could perform a lot of multiple features that don’t just relate to making calls or sending SMS. Now thanks to Nissan, Sharp Corporation and NTT DOCOMO, your mobile can have the ability to lock/unlock the car or even start/stop the engine.

The phone will use a two way communication of Nissan’s intelligent key system. Using this users can lock/unlock the car and even start and stop the engine. Much more functionality is expected to be added on later. But it certainly has some disadvantages too. Imagine if your cellphone gets stolen, the thief can even use it to stole your car. But the device is certainly very innovative and demonstrates what can we expect from the future devices.

The phone will be demonstrated on September 30th at CEATEC Japan 2008. The phone will be eventually available in first quarter of 2009. As of now, no details about the pricing is yet known.

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