Need For Speed: UnderCover for iPod Touch and iPhone [Youtube Video Demo]

10 September 2008 By Shashank

Need For Speed- Undercover - iPod touch

Other than the iPod Touch 2G and iPod Nano 4G announcements at the Lets Rock event, Apple also unveiled the Need For Speed: Undercover, yet to be released NFS installment  for iPhone and iPod Touch. Steve Jobs also described the gaming experience on iPod Touch as “the best portable device for playing games”. NFS Undercover is simply mindblowing on the iPod Touch, watch the Video Demo below :

NFS Undercover is releasing on November 18, no word on pricing via AppStore is available yet.

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Richard says:

I like the live iPod videos. As I explain in the articles How Do I Get YouTube Videos On My iPod, I usually have to download the YouTube videos because I am on a Nano, but running them live, if they are like this, is a nice option too!

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