N78 FM Transmitter Banned in many Regions

7 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Nokia’s N78 is well known for its built-in FM Transmitter. The FM Transmitter is used for broadcasting Music on the go to your nearby FM Devices. This feature is surely loved by many people around the world but as far it comes to legal rules and regulations, Nokia has to disable this feature just because in some parts of World, Government does not allow FM Transmission without a license.

Nokia has not removed the hardware (FM Transmitter) from the device but it has been disabled in the firmware of the particular regions were it needs a licence. So either you have to buy these phone from outside of your region or go for gray market or you may go for NSS hack which means hacking your firmware thus voiding your warranty. So be careful about it and better go for hacks after your warranty.

I think its ridiculous and there is no point in banning these devices as their transmission range is very small which will hardly effect anything. Watch out the video of N78 FM Transmitter in action:

YouTube Preview Image

So if you are planning to buy a N78, get yourself confirmed that FM Transmitter works in your region then get the weight out of your pocket. Those regions where it is blocked can get handset from their relatives from other region or may opt for the the gray market. If still nothing works for you check out the other options. Till now it is confirmed that FM transmitter is excluded in France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland and Italy!

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